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Sunday, May 9, 2010

just another day in paradise…


IMG_0725 copy

started off with a yummy brunch at one of my very favorite places to eat…La Madeleine.

IMG_0703 copy

    IMG_0705 copy  IMG_0709 copy

followed by a NEW favorite latte at my MOST favorite places of all, with the BEST MOMMY EVER!

IMG_0713 copy

We went to my in-laws for a yummy BQ dinner.  I forgot my camera:(

It was a very filling and delicious with homemade brownies, pound-cake with strawberries, and rice krispie treats.  It was a grand time.


Funny, yet very true Mommy Day Cards!

   IMG_0724 copy  IMG_0726 copy

just one of the little figures from my Willow Tree Nativity my honey surprised me with for my special day!  I thought this particular one is perfect to post:).


Mommy’s Day reminds me of how very blessed I am to have the best of both worlds.  One very beautiful-crazy daughter and one handsome-loving son!  I LOVE being a mommy more than anything in this world.  I especially LOVE being the mommy to my two children EVERY single day.  My children bring me true joy and know I have the Lord to thank for making it possible and handing me such a gift.


I ended the day with my little guy in my lap…just where I like him to snuggle and giggle with!

IMG_0714 copy

IMG_0719 copy

IMG_0721 copy

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