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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Partyin’ for T’s Big 2!

Cousin Tristan’s 2nd birthday was on Saturday.  It was a Cars themed swim party. Lloyd and Sarah (my bro and sister-in-law) did a swell job making everything perfect for this little birthday boy-bash! Everything was too cute and the food was just refreshing.  Somethin’ about little tots and Cars.  T LOVES Cars, the movie.  I know Brayden was totally hooked on it and still likes to play with his Car toys. 

Anyway, Tristan was most definitely the STAR of his bash.  Many of his little friends attended to join the celebration.  Can I just say, T is ADORABLE?  He has the cutest little smile and readily says, “cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese” whenever he sees me making my way toward him with my camera in hand.  Like I said,…. STAR!  He was so precious.  I could tell he was enjoying his big day!  Looking at Tristan totally takes me back to my childhood days.  He is the spitting image of my bro!  He reminds me SO much of when Lloyd was a sweet little innocent tot.  (Sorry Lloyd…I had to include this.  Such sweet memories).

We had such a great time celebrating with friends and family!  It was truly a grand time.  We are so blessed to have been a part of it.  GREAT job Lloyd and Sarah!  Can’t wait to see you guys again!

The Birthday Boy!

IMG_0862 copy  

        IMG_0859 copy IMG_0860 copy

  IMG_0857 copy IMG_0864 copy

IMG_0858 copy

Daddy and Son…the similar faces are just remarkable!

IMG_0863 copy



IMG_0887 copy

IMG_0893 copy

   IMG_0901 copy IMG_0895 copy

   IMG_0911 copy IMG_0903 copy

IMG_0909 copy


Bubble time!  Yes, I put him in his ‘jammas.’  It was already around 8pm and I wanted him to be comfy on the drive home.  He was tired after being T’s sidekick for the evening!

   IMG_0916 copy IMG_0917 copy

IMG_0924 copy 


Singing happy birthday, Tristan was a little bashful at one point but, he recovered and reverted to being the STAR that he was! Yes!

 IMG_0929 copy IMG_0931 copy

IMG_0936 copy

sweet little family,….here’s Tristan’s, ‘cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.’

IMG_0945 copy

my Flaming HOT Doritos man

IMG_0970 copy

Nana and the same HOT little man…take a look at those lips!  Not to mention, that serious look in his eyes.

IMG_0968 copy

These next two are just too too sweet for words.

IMG_0986 copy

IMG_0992 copy

love love love my sisters!

IMG_0994 copy

IMG_0998 copy

can’t forget my mini-me…(excuse our crazy ‘dos. We had been swimming after all:)

IMG_1001 copy


Anonymous said...

L.O.V.E. the photos!!! Thanks for sharing!! The little ones are so cute (that includes you Nealy)! i hope some of those great shots are my handy work!!! love, p

Anonymous said...

i forgot to mention that in one pic Brayden is sporting some serious Angelina Jolie lips!!!! ha! p