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Monday, May 31, 2010

3 days…Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Oh how we had been looking forward to the our Memorial Day Weekend this year…just as in the years past.  Nealy spent the entire weekend with her dad.  I have to say, I did miss her.  I can’t wait to hear about her weekend.  The good news: she didn’t miss out on much.  My mom went to spend the weekend with friends (she left early Saturday morning).  We didn’t have much planned other than relax and get out of the house to enjoy the warm weather.  The bad news:  I was super sick ALL day Saturday and most of the day Sunday.  I can’t really explain what was wrong other than my head and entire body was achy…super achy.  I wondered if I had heat exhaustion from our field day on Friday?  I’m thinking that wasn’t it.  I possibly just needed to rest my body.?.?  Anyway, my two boys were sweet enough to allow me to do nothing.  AND I do mean nothing!  I slept on the couch and even cocooned myself in my bed for a portion of the day.  Scott was checking on me throughout the day, and even bringing me lunch in bed.  LOVE him!  As Sunday rolled around I was still weak, my head continued to hurt and I was exhausted.  I forced myself to start moving around late in the afternoon.  Thank goodness my head felt better.  The boys were ready to get out of the house!  Scott suggested sushi and I was pretty much up for anything.  We enjoyed a yummy sushi and hibachi dinner.  We even visited with our sweet friends…The Vensel Family.  We had a few bevs on the patio.  It was so nice to catch up and let the boys play.  Can’t wait to see them again:).

Today, I slept in (the idea of going to the gym left my thoughts as soon as it had entered).  Not going to the gym is HUGE!  But, I don’t feel guilty.  My body was telling me something and I listened. So, that’s good!  Early this afternoon we watched, When in Rome.  Great Romantic Comedy…loved cozying up to my honey:).  It was a super Memorial Day Weekend despite being under the weather.  

More importantly, I did think about the men and women who have serviced our country.  Bless them and their families for the sacrifice and commitment. Thank you!

I hope everyone had a nice and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Friday evening…a little fun outdoors with my handsome fella!

IMG_1059 copy

   IMG_1061 copy IMG_1085 copy

IMG_1100 copy

On our way to dinner Sunday evening, after a quick stop at the ‘toy store’ to pick up a talking and machine gun-shooting Bumble Bee…Man, that thing is loud!  B LOVES it!

IMG_1130 copy

just a tiny bit regretful….Bumble Bee was CRAZY loud

   IMG_1134 copy


IMG_1137 copy

my yummy dinner

       IMG_1150 copy IMG_1151 copy

I’m not quite sure why B looks as though he’s holding his nose. Ha-Ha!  I think he was just being silly.  And well, me?  Remember I had been sick?  I know it looks like I just rolled out of bed…er, well, I guess that holds true this time:).

IMG_1141 copy

Our yellow and black friend joined us for dinner too.

IMG_1145 copy 

Brayden and his friend Aiden riding around in the monster jeep.  They were so cute together.  I know Brayden had loads of fun!

IMG_1155 copy IMG_1154 copy

IMG_1153 copy

  IMG_1161 copy IMG_1166 copy

IMG_1159 copy

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