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Friday, June 11, 2010

Boys will be Boys

Fun in the sun is how we started off this sizzlin’ hot play date.  I am talkin’ ‘bout H.O.T. Tamales!  B and I met our sweet friends Cara, Landon, and Grant out at the little houses in Allen.  Well, we actually went for a scrumptious burger at Mooyah first.  My absolute FAVE place to chow down on a turkey burger. M-m-m-m! So, we chatted, caught each other up on the latest, & laughed a whole heck of a lot while the boys ate (a little) and anticipated playing outdoors together.  We didn’t last too long the first go-around at the little houses.  Remember H.O.T. Tamales?  Phew!  It was scorching!  The boys were dripping in sweat.  We crossed the street to Which Wich and treated ourselves and our little men to cold drinks.  We may have ordered a couple of shakes…I’m just sayin’! It was nice and cool indoors.  There, we chatted as the boys played around (thank goodness there weren’t many customers at the time).  We went a long time where it was just us in the restaurant.  Greatness!  The boys maybe were up to a teensy bit o’mischief…you know, just the running around, whooping & hollering.  I might be making this up but, I’m remembering a STAFF ONLY door being opened….oops:)  I know it may sound like they were a bit wild but, really they were just gleeful and having fun!  All this time (with an occasional redirection to the boys) Cara and I chatted some more and shared photography tips, info. etc.  We made another attempt at the little houses.  Guess what?  It had cooled off (maybe I should just say it wasn’t AS hot).  The boys enjoyed it, and we jumped on the opportunity to keep the dialog going.  These play dates of ours typically last for hours.  Time flies when you have fun….in the sun!  We truly enjoyed it and totally wiped out by the time we arrived home.  Great friends, great conversation, great play date, great day!  We heart you Carroll Bunch!

Okay, so I made a promise to myself to shoot in nothing but manual mode from here on out….with spot metering and customizing my focal point based on the vision I want to capture.  (of course there are so many other things to consider and adjustments/customizations to set but, no sense in boring anyone with all that).  SO thank you, Cara for teaching me how to adjust ISO while focusing to get optimum exposure!  I’m super excited about the challenge.  Trial and error is totally accurate when learning (some are ‘noisy’….) but, nonetheless, I got a few decent ones.  Here are some sunny-sweet memories of our day.

IMG_1539 copy

IMG_1534 copy

sweetness…these Carroll bros.

IMG_1514 copy

    IMG_1521 copy   IMG_1519 copy

tired boy

  IMG_1522 copy

 IMG_1523 copy IMG_1530 copy

hide and seek?

IMG_1561 copy

IMG_1564 copy

IMG_1567 copy

IMG_1566 copy

IMG_1569 copy

 IMG_1581 copy IMG_1571 copy

IMG_1576 copy

IMG_1589 copy


Laurie said...

Thanks for the blog comments! I too enjoy reading your blog, your kids are adorable. BTW, these are nice pics. I also switched to manual mode a couple of months ago, it takes time to get used to but the pics are better.

Team Carroll said...

Yay for manual!!! You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! Promise :) These pics are great! You got some CUTE ones! Thanks for the fun day!! The boys had a BLAST...too bad it was so dang HOT! I'm still sweating...HA!

Anonymous said...

looks like y'all had fun! pia