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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A ZOO-pendous zoo trip!

IMG_9717 copy

IMG_9634 copy

Anticipation was high, the trip was planned, and all started off just as I had pictured it in my head. (You know how mommies do this sorta thing)?  What I didn’t see in my head er, maybe I should say ‘feel’ was the cooler temperature.  So, instead of wearing flip-flops, we all wore our tennis shoes, and took a hoodie…just to be on the safe side. Traffic was NOT good once we got closer to our destination.  Scott started getting a little annoyed.  I said a quiet little prayer that it would let up and our trip would go as planned.  After lots of traffic and waiting forever in the car line to park (literally miles away from the zoo entrance) we made it!  On our hike to the entrance, we saw a mom and her three young kids walking back, and she says, “it’s not worth it.  Once you get to the entrance you have to wait in a long line to get in and then wait in another long line.”  Her kids were crying.  I got a knot in my stomach.  The feeling of defeat was creeping down my shoulders.  I gave a quick side glance to Scott (to try and read his expression and/or response to what the lady said).  We just kept walking toward the entrance.  Yep, there were long lines.  Many long lines.  What did we do?  We divided and conquered.  Scott got in one of the shorter lines and I got in one of the shorter lines.  Scott’s line moved a lot faster.  The gang moved to the side as he purchased our tickets (on Half Price Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day, & Spring Break).  Duh?  No, wonder the crazy crowd!  We were in line maybe a total of 15 minutes.  Not bad!  There wasn’t a second line.  Phew!  Yes, the zoo was packed, but we managed.  Everyone was in a good mood and the weather was perfecto!  Even our long line at the Grandy’s in the zoo made our fries taste that much better.  No one shed a tear and we enjoyed the day and fought the crowd with smiles and determination.  It was ZOO-pendous!…many many photos ahead.  I tried to include photos of animals I didn’t include last year (wink)! Fun times!

IMG_9635 copy

IMG_9640 copy

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We had talked about the zoo days before going.  B was really excited and he is super fascinated with animals in general.  He had a grand time!  He especially loved the POT-corn!

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This photo is NOT enhanced in any way other than the texture!  The color is truly what my camera captured.  Totally reminds me of the OPI nail color, Cajun Shrimp.  So pretty!

IMG_9723 copy

This Museum of Living Art is new!  It was really neat to see the reptiles and amphibians up close.  I didn’t get many pics due to the glass causing a reflection but, I got a few!:)

IMG_9725 copy

IMG_9744 copy

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Mom & me rockin’ our green for St. Patty’s Day.  It was a perfect time for a photo as daddy was waiting in the long Grandy’s line for us:)

IMG_9734 copy

IMG_9735 copy

kid in the candy shop

IMG_9742 copy

Isn’t he just beautiful?  So big, yet peaceful. Probably my fave animal photo, other than the flamingo.

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IMG_9788 copy

IMG_9776 copy


rosebud said...

such a pretty post! I wish we would have gotten to the zoo!! I will be calling you... we are in the process of buying a house and as soon as we close, I will be able to focus on normal life again! (the baptism isn't until August -- so we've got some time which will zip by I know!).


Candie said...

okay, yomaida, how are you making your pictures have that vintage look?

Amanda said...

I love these pictures! Was this the Dallas zoo or the Ft. Worth zoo? Brayden is getting SOOO big!! Such a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Your family blog is soooooo cute. Your family is perfect and your photography is beautiful. I'll stop by often!

Christine from Mesquite Tx

Yomaida said...

We were at the Fort Worth Zoo. I guess I never indicated that.:)

I used a textured overlay, used soft light on some and just overlay on others (the ones that appear more textured). You can lower the opacity for an even softer look. I erased on areas I didn't want textured. Cara actually shared this tip with me:). It's lot's of fun and an easy way to make your photos pop! I really like the metal ones ( I think they give a realistic vintage effect). I even got creative and made my very own texture!!!!!.... The one used on the pond....have fun experimenting!