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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring is nature’s way of saying…

let’s playdate!  What a fun filled Tuesday!  Cara and I got our super sweet boys together for lunch and a long playdate at the park.  Chick-fil-a is totally the way to start off any day filled with fun, laughter, and good mommy talk.  After eating lunch and chatting, we headed on over to a near by park (and fortunately it wasn’t crowded or overloaded with big/wild kiddos).  The weather was a teensy bit cool.  Not at all cold, just cool.  Only when the wind blew just right, might you get a little shiver.  Apparently, our boys didn’t mind it one bit.  They played their hearts out.  Everything from exploring the playground equipment, to sliding down slides over and over again, to throwing woodchips (oops)!, to running up and down a little hill…yep, they did it all.  I will also say, the overcast made for some seriously good lighting.  (Get ready for many pics).  Cara and I enjoyed chatting away and snapping away.  We shared photography tips and talked about our early-bird workout earlier that morning. (uh, you can just call us super-mommies;).  It was a GRAND day, filled with laughter from our tots and ever-so-sweet expressions from G Baby (as Cara calls him).  I LOVED hearing him babble.  He sure had somethin’ to say!  Yay for fab friends and great conversation!  Can’t wait to hang out again! 

These two seriously play very well together.  They are so much fun to watch and hear converse….too cute!

IMG_9625 copy

           IMG_9471 copy IMG_9473 copy 

IMG_9499 copy

          IMG_9486 copy IMG_9489 copy

IMG_9511 copy

IMG_9515 copy

IMG_9526 copy

maybe….just maybe, up.to.no.good:)

      IMG_9554 copy IMG_9556 copy

IMG_9557 copy

well, HELLO Handsome!

IMG_9559 copy

        IMG_9571 copy IMG_9581 copy

He’s a charmer!  Trust me:)

IMG_9577 copy

IMG_9572 copy

IMG_9586 copy

IMG_9598 copy

IMG_9606 copy

I’m CRAZY in LOVE with this little mop head!

IMG_9632 copy

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Anonymous said...

These are cute. I love B!