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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthday wishes for Nana

My mom turned 64 on March 19th.  We went to dinner last night to celebrate. (Boy! We had to bundle up!  You know with the weather change and all…here in Texas.  Friday it was in the 70’s.  Last night in the 30’s).  Mercy!  My dad, unfortunately was out of town so he was not able to attend.  We missed him.  On our way home, we were able to see the pretty snow falling from the sky….Brrr! 

My mom has stayed with me all of spring break and it’s been memorable.  I am so happy for her to join our family for a week…sometimes weeks at a time.  She enjoys the kids and the kids enjoy her even more.  She plays and interacts with them.  She fills many requests like making french toast, scratching backs, finding lost socks, etc.  She even makes me yummy grilled cheese.  I’m so humbled when my mom is here.  She takes care of ALL of us.  She cooks, cleans, and does laundry.  We don’t request these things by any means but, she just does them.  She says she likes to do them.  And heck, we sure don’t mind.  We wish her many treasures, fun, and love for her birthday.  We love you SO much!  Happy birthday Nana!

My Beautiful Mom! The BIRTHDAY girl!

IMG_9864 copy   

Aunt Sarah, Uncle Lloyd, and Sweet Nephew Tristan

IMG_9870 copy

Is he a cutie or what?

IMG_9873 copy

my hon and me….love.this.man!

IMG_9876 copy

IMG_9882 copy

these next three make me smile

IMG_9888 copyIMG_9889 copy IMG_9890 copy

B was not in the picture taking mood.  Normally he stops and says, “cheese!”….maybe, it’s because he didn’t get a nap yesterday!

IMG_9893 copy

Pretty Pia!

IMG_9895 copy

IMG_9896 copy

IMG_9901 copy

IMG_9912 copy

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Anonymous said...

great pics! i had a great time celebrating mom's b-day! lots of love to mom!! love pia!