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Saturday, January 30, 2010

B Has a Hold of my Heart

heartsF heartsG

Last night Brayden and I took on a little HEARTFELT-HEART project. As we have a Valentine’s playdate coming up, I wanted to make something cute and fun for B’s little friends. Preferably, something he could really take part in. Not to mention, simple, not time consuming OR expensive. I also like doing things that involve my kids so I’m spending time with them:)! So, after searching some of my favorite idea blogs, here’s what we did step-by-step!

What you’ll need: crayons, mini heart baking pan, & baking spray


we peeled the crayons (soaking them in cold water helps) Brayden helped me sort ‘naked’ crayons, paper, and crayons to be placed in the water. Fun!


assort in slightly greased mini heart baking pan

(make sure all the paper is off) set your oven to 300 degrees, and let them melt for 12-15 minutes


let them cool completely (we put ours outside since it was super cold. It helped to speed up the process).


sweet huh? I was so proud. Brayden? Intrigued! I talked to him through the entire process of what we were making, and asking him what colors were ‘kinda’ the same and which ones were WAY different. He kept saying, “byoo (blue) and white….NOOOO, byoo and black….YESSSS”! He would even peek in to the oven when they were melting.


I HEART these HEARTS…the marble ones are pretty neat I think! We made another batch this morning.


We talked about how they felt….so smooth. They’re the perfect size for toddlers little hands.


Here is how B felt about them! This was the best part of the project…spending quality time with my little guy and he obviously had a swell time helping me. He warms my HEART!

heartsH heartsK


Package them up for little gifts! I can think of a few sweet ways to do this….One, being trace your tot’s hand on pretty Valentine’s scrap paper, cut it out, and staple it to the bag. Add a meaningful message, ribbon or pixie-dust glitter for a bit of a ‘pop’!


Have a super-swell time making some with your tot!:)

Nealy and I will be engaging in a pretty spiffy AND super-yummy Valentine’s project very soon! Don’tcha miss it…you’ll be sorry:)


Anonymous said...

I came across your cute blog. This cute idea, I will remember. My baby is only 7 months. You take great pictures too. S.S.

Anonymous said...

oh how cute! i think i might have tristan and mom help me with this little project today! the hearts will be perfect for my desk at work. i love decorating for the season. i know tristan will have a blast! brayden was a great little helper!! love y'all! p =)

Anonymous said...

They will be cute for your desk and coworkers!!! YE

Team Carroll said...

YE...I HEART this!!! Landon would LOVE it!!! I'm definitely copying you on this one because it's too cute!!! Thanks for sharing this precious idea!!! Loves!

Candie said...

OMg!!!! I love it and I know exactly what we'll be doing one night this week for Cannon's upcoming Valentine party at school! Great idea!!! Thank you Yomaida!

Yomaida said...

Yay friends! This seriously brings me joy! Have fun with your little ones! Xoxoxo!!!!

Amanda said...

Yomaida! Oh my goodness! You are incredible!

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

So cute! Great job mamma!

Connie said...

Such a cute idea LOVED it & had to share this way cute activity!!