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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A playdate to remember

Have you ever had one of those days where so much happened, you can’t believe it actually happened all in one day? Think about it. You have to stop and think okay, (eyes looking up, pointer finger resting on your chin) where has the day gone? This was last Saturday! SO much and I do mean SO much happened. AND it was a crazy, unbelievable, teensy bit stressful, (at the same time) relaxing, enjoyable, and FUN playdate to remember.

8The day started off grand! We met up with some of our favorite friends, Cara and Landon John, (Brayden calls him by his first and middle name every time he sees his picture), and Baby Grant. We met at Firewheel Center for what we THOUGHT was going to be a relaxing-fun filled morning at the enclosed choo-choo train/play area. Honestly, it wasn’t what we had in mind. Number 1. Way too many big kids were there (the shopping center had some type of event going on so it was a larger crowd than usual). Number 2. These big kids were ON TOP of the train, jumping from one car to the next! (There’s a sign posted that states the park specifically prohibits this type of behavior). Number 3. Some children (even little ones) were NOT being supervised. Number 4. Cara, Nealy and I sat wide-eyed in disbelief (as many other adults did). BTW: The boys didn’t seem to mind the chaos…they played well and steered clear of jumping, running, wild kids. Thank goodness! (You could hear Nealy breathe in deeply and see her squeeze her eyes shut every now and then). Despite a few unruly kids, we chatted and started where we left off just two days before! (We had a playdate at the little houses in Allen). I forgot my camera at home that day!:( BUT, I certainly had it this day! Yeah!

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Scott arrived (by surprise…to join us for just a bit before going to a tournament). As soon as we left the park area to walk around and decide on a place to eat lunch, both boys decided a few tears, squirms, and down right resistance would be a nice contribution to the mix. Mercy! Picture a tiny thing (Cara) pushing a double stroller, and holding a squirming toddler (with ONE arm). Baby Grant was in the stroller irritated by the sun in his eyes but, he looked as cute as he can be. I, at least had Scott AND Nealy to help as Brayden screamed, cried, and wiggled. I think we all took a deep breath and just pushed on…we ended up getting Sonic and eating outside. The boys calmed down, we were able to visit, and enjoy our meal. Yay!

We decided to take the boys back to the play area for some more chaos…okay, not really. We did want to give them the opportunity to play together a little longer. We were hoping things had calmed down there. (Scott had to leave at this time…it was sweet of him to stop by:). OMG! Can I just say, never in my wildest dreams did I (or we…I know I can speak for Cara and Nealy too) anticipate the c.r.a.z.i.n.e.s.s that happened next. Not only were some of the same big kids STILL jumping all over the equipment, a TWO year old was left there (we recognized him from earlier not having a parent there supervising him) with STILL NO supervision! (The reason I know he was two was because I asked him). Where was his MOTHER?! Earlier in the day, he actually made it out of the gate. Another mom had to run after him. She called out for his mother…no answer. Well, apparently he had an older brother there (maybe 7 years old) who decided it would be a good idea to put his little toddler brother ON TOP of the train. I see him (the 2 year old) taking off his shoes! Yeah, taking of his shoes to walk (WITH HIS SOCKS) on TOP of the BOWED roof of the train! Seriously?! Before seeing this my thoughts were to get outta there…but, I just quickly took it upon myself to go and get him off the train. (Now, I really want it to be known that I honestly don’t try and parent or tell children what to do if they aren’t mine or my students). BUT, in this case, I had to intervene. This little tot could have been seriously injured and injured some other child (if he had fallen off of the 6 foot …maybe higher…train). I explained it wasn’t a safe choice (the teacher in me) and asked his brother to take him to his mother. (BTW: whom was working one of the booths about 60 yards away). I kid you not, 2 seconds later an older boy PUNCHES his little cousin (who is about 5) super hard in the back. Right in front of me! The little boy falls to the ground and won’t get up. I quickly and calmly tell the older boy to take a deep breath (apparently the little child, had hit him. I missed that part due to rescuing the tot on top of the train). I ask him to please not hit him again and he should take the little boy to his mom. From what I was hearing in the midst of the absolute craziness, two ladies, limited English were calling to him from OUTSIDE the gate, several feet away. At this time Cara takes over consoling the little kid on the ground and asking if he needs help etc (her Baby Grant in her arms). She’s asking some other kids to slow down too! Nealy is rounding up our two boys to get the heck outta that joint! TOTALLY TRUE…two boys about the age of 9 are pushing each other (holding on to one another’s shoulders). They were literally two feet to my left. I hear one say, “this will teach you to never spit on me again!” At this point, I’m ready to scream at the top of my lungs, “Do any of you adults SEE what’s going on? Who do these children belong to? and WHY are you NOT doing anything?” So, if you know me, I’m really not aggressive. Nor do appear frightening or tough. I simply don’t fit any term/phrase that has to do with being strong or tough. I’m proud to say my inner ‘toughness’ and ‘strongness’ (is that a word?) came out, right at that very moment. I said, “Now you listen hear boys! You did not come here to fight nor should you ever. So let go of each other RIGHT NOW and go to your parents!” Some people were looking at me like I was the crazy one. Mercy! I am glad to say we left that area.



The rest of the day went as planned. We visited, laughed, shared stories, and the boys were in good spirits despite not having a nap. We were able to even get in some shopping. Good times.

We made a stop at Barnes and Noble to peak around at some books and let the boys play at the train table. Toward the end, Mr. B wasn’t willing to share so he and I had to make a mad dash to the checkout. A meltdown was expected. He’s learning to share but, he’s just not there. He gave himself a little break and sat down on the sidewalk right outside the store. He was sitting in a little corner and having himself a good cry. He was over it pretty quickly.





To our sweet friends, Cara, Landon, and Grant thank you for great company, laughs, and tears. We truly had a fun and very interesting day. Hugs to you all!

lil’ bro and big sis




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Team Carroll said...

GREAT pics! But seriously, what's up with all that drool on Grant's onesie?? Someone needs to tell his momma to get him a bib! Thanks for the fun day!!! I still can't believe all that happened...in one afternoon, nonetheless!!! It was crazy, but LOTS of fun!!! PS: Landon keeps saying, "Where's Bay-bee {Brayden}?" HA!!