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Sunday, November 15, 2009

My big, little brother’s family

This morning I headed out to the same park as I did yesterday morning to take more holiday photos!  This time it was of one of my younger brother’s family.  They are darling!  My little nephews are too cute and so funny together.  My brother Doug and my sister-in-law, Yolonda are jokesters…so they made it a funny morning. I use to always introduce my brother Doug as my little brother…but, I always seemed to get the same response from people. “Don’t you mean your BIG brother and he’s just YOUNGER than you?”…Ha-Ha!  I think once Doug turned about 5 and I was about 12 he was about my size and definitely a lot stronger than me.  I couldn’t boss him around anymore.  Not to mention, he always had a teammate.  Lloyd (my other BIG-Younger brother) and Doug’s twin.  Fun memories!  Now Doug’s all grown up!  I’m so happy to be able to capture memories of his beautiful family.

I LOVE the fall season and all it’s beauty.  It is such a nice time for family photos.  I had great time! LOVE y’all!  Here’s a little preview.






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Anonymous said...

Yomaida, you did a great job!!! I LOVE these pics! Dallas is looking at them with me and he loves the one with Doug looking down. He says it looks natural! Great job! Love, Priscilla

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

They are a beautiful family.