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Sunday, November 1, 2009

D.A.-D.D.Y! Yaaaay!


My little guy is a speller!  He knows all his letters (uppercase and lowercase…”mommee letters and baby letters”  are what he calls them).  He enjoys singing the ABC song and has taken a big interest in print.  Anyway, we’ve been mentioning letter sounds here and there.  Just while we are reading books or writing his name, we’ll say “/b/ for Brayden.  The letter Bb says, /b/.” etc. etc. Can I just say about 2 weeks ago my little guy yells out, “D.A.D.D.Y….daddy, yaaaay!”  He spelled it and then said it and cheered with Yay!  We couldn’t believe it!  We (Scott, Nealy and I) were all wide-eyed and shocked!  We laughed and almost cried.  How does he know how to spell?  He is even working on his name!  C.R.A.Z.Y!  I can’t believe it.  Ever since, he has been spelling words.  Mostly looking at them.  He spelled Happy Halloween because he was looking at the banner hanging up and we’ve told him what it says but, STILL!  When we try and make him perform…well, we sometimes have to start with “D.A.” and then he finishes it off with, “D.D.Y!…Yaaaay!”  It’s precious!

d      e




Happy Haunting post coming soon! :)

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Amanda said...

he spelled DADDY?!!?! Oh my goodness!! That is awesome!! His picture... girl he is growing up SO fast!! What is happening?! :)