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Monday, October 26, 2009

2nd Annual Halloween Bash!


Brayden held his 2nd annual Halloween Bash yesterday evening! The little girls were BOO-tiful and the boys GHOST-orgeous in their precious costumes! We had a great time playing, MONSTER munching, reading SPOOKY tales, and decorating pumpkins. Brayden was SO happy to see so many of friends. It was definitely was a Bash Blast! (get ready for LOTS of pictures)!


Check out the preparations: (the monster munchies were for the tots, the “thank you” candy corn-tree bark was for the mommies, and treat cups for the older boys and girls). These were not my best “mummy dogs” but…I didn’t get a picture of the cuter ones. (you get the idea)

1 3

2 7

8 9

IMG_6356 copy

6 5



It was fun setting up and making the treats! NOW, checkout the adorable boos and ghouls! (Brayden, Emily, Aaron, Ella, Molly, Tristan, Aiden, Avery, Makayla, Cayman, Ashlyn, Eilzabeth, Adi, and Wyatt)

kids1 kids2

kids3 kids4

kids5 kids6

kids8 kids7

kids9b kids9d

kids9 kids9a

kids9c kids9E

Nealy and Myranda (our sweet little across the street neighbor) joined the spooky fun!


My Precious Pirate!


Another Great thing about last night was I was able to hang with my BFF, Mandy!


Thank you to all my sweet friends and family for making B’s bash truly SPOOK-tacular! Hugs!!!


Amanda said...

I've been waiting to see these pictures!! uggh!!! SOOOO adorable! You are so stinkin creative!! You guys had a blast!! So sorry we missed it!

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Looks fun!