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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hocus-Pocus Halloween Hands!

Clever little idea for a quick Halloween decoration! I saw a picture (I don’t even know from what magazine), but I looked at for a total of maybe 30 seconds! I didn’t have it to refer to so…. I added my own pizzazz…changed it up a bit and gave it it’s very own title. Here it is!


I have an arch over my sink that overlooks the kitchen nook. I needed something FUN, CHEAP, and CREATIVE!

All you need:

various ribbon, hard candy OR jelly beans, candy corn, rubber bands, clear plastic gloves, and little glass or plastic jars. (I bought glass salt shakers at the dollar store for $1 each)…It’s super easy (just look at the picture), looks pretty cute, and the kids LOVE it! You may want to display your Hocus-Pocus Halloween Hands on a door! I just chose the arch b/c they can be seen from three different areas in my house. I think it would look really cute on a front door or pantry door…It’s all up to you!

Tip: Rubber band the string that hangs to the hands and tie a separate bow around the rubber band. (those hands aren’t super heavy but, they aren’t light either)


Another Tip: Buy your candy at the dollar store!


Have some HALLOWEEN FUN!!!! :)

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Rebeccalynn_dj said...

You are so creative. I don't work and still don't find the energy to do crafts. I think you are special!