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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finally…the Big Boy Brayden’s Room!

I intended to post these pictures a couple of months ago and really just got sidetracked and…I guess I never got back on the track. Today is the day and…Brayden has such a happy big boy room!!! Just walking in lifts your spirit, warms the heart, and definitely makes you smile. The colors are warm and inviting and it has a completely different ambiance in the day time (natural light) than it does in the evening. (I didn’t enhance any color so you could see the difference in the two). Both are ideal for my little boy and he really likes his room. Remember he picked out the theme last winter? When I was picking colors and patterns, I tried to stay away from trendy. I kept Brayden’s personality in mind to help me choose just the right look. I also threw in some vintage (I know…trendy) but, it’s timeless and fun! Knowing that he loves cars, tractors, and trains, let me toss a few things in here and there. I didn’t want to specifically stick with one and it be overkill…So, I added a few things to give it the theme but, not overwhelm. Scott and I painted the room ourselves and it turned out sunny-happy! Scott was worried at first but, once it all started coming together he said I did a good job picking all the ‘stuff’ out…Yay me!

His bedding is Dr. Seuss from PBK. This is one area I didn’t bargain shop. I love the vibrant colors and fluffiness of the comforter. It’s so soft. Another thing we didn’t go cheap with, are the mattresses. We want our little guy to sleep comfortably and cozy! Oh and other than the Ralph Lauren paint…I found super deals and really just did a little recycling! Brayden’s baby crib turned into a full size bed…so we didn’t have to buy one.bigboyroom0

I kept his wooden letters that we used in his nursery and spray painted them black. I of course changed out the ribbon to grosgrain to match the red. I love to recycle things!bigboyroom2

This is his dresser, parallel to the his doorway. I purposely matched his plaid birthday frames (back in June) to his bedding I purchased (back in February). They add more color and compliment the bedding. The US license plate map decor came from Target too! Great deal. The little vintage cars you see are just Hobby Lobby finds. (note to self: put a photo in the yellow car-frame).


Here’s a little vintage truck, another Hobby Lobby find and it sits on the bottom shelf of his red-one drawer nightstand. (which I found this sweet deal at Target…just by chance). It matches perfectly!


This is one of my favorite areas in B’s room. It is a reading nook located right under his bookshelf. It’s just his size and I promise he sits on this cool-kid, vintage car-inspired couch EVERY time he enters his room. We read books galore sitting right here. The basket located to left is one I recycled from his nursery. I spray painted it black and covered with a sweet little gingham print. This picture was taken in the day (blinds open) so you can see the yellow walls are soft and truly sunny.d

Okay, now this Route 66 gasoline pump was a find indeed. Scott and I happenbigboyroom7end to stop at this place called 1001 Bargains and sure enough we found one! I was way excited to only pay $20 for this all wooden 2 1/2 feet tall gas pump!!! It also opens up in the front and hold CD’s, DVD’s or nick-knacks! How cool is that!?! You can’t see it but, on the other side it has the little nozzle, hose and everything. This is absolutely one of my favorite pieces. Cute and serves a purpose.


His bookshelf that is directly above his couch is from PBK and we also used it in his nursery. I thought about spray painting it black but, then realized it would compliment the white trimming in the room, doors, and couch! Choo-choo!…Brayden LOVES the black train engine.

Celebrating Emily 010


Stepping back, you can see there is a bit more to do! AND that I TOTALLY need a flash for my camera:)… I need to add some window treatments…I’m thinking more on the lines of window toppers (something clean and straight) OR possibly Roman Shades. However, I want to keep the wooden blinds so…..thus, still no window treatments. I need to decide! Scott installed the ceiling fan that you can’t really see but, we want to make sure the big boy’s room is cool enough (temperature wise that is) in the warmer weather.

I’ll soon add a metal vintage Michelin Man plate right above his closet door. OH! and get this! I ordered 2 Route 66 light switch covers on September 5th and STILL haven’t received them. Ugh, seriously? I called again today (3rd time) so….I better get an answer or the switch covers QUICK!…I’m just a tad bit annoyed about this. Can’tcha tell?


Again, a little touch of vintage-diner with the clock placed in between the windows. Here’s another little basket I spray painted in another little corner by his dresser. This kid is CRAZY about books. They are literally everywhere in our house. So, along with his hanging bookshelf he has two baskets on the floor he can reach and a few books are tucked away in nightstand’s drawer.

g f

In the works is the entire wall on the left side of his bed. My thoughts thus far are, two side by side black framed vintage train posters. OR I have two big black square pieces of Waynes Coating I may decoupage postcards of vintage cars on. Framing might be an issue OR I could think of creative way to hang them.

I’ve waited to add a wall hanging right next to his door bc I want to see the light switch covers first. Canvas? Iron piece? miniature chalkboard with a welcome or departing message? I even thought of actually using chalkboard paint to paint directly on the wall completed with a semi-scroll frame (also directly painted on the wall). I would a hang a chalk holder shelf (matching red) under the painted chalkboard. Who knows? I’ll get to this soon though. It’s long overdue!


On the left is another comfy seat…B’s traditional bean bag! On the right is a final touch with his cool i-pod nano (with all his favorite songs) and his little i-dog. We just connect the two together and the i-dog serves as a speaker and lights up to the beat. His ears and head move too! His tail is used to ‘play’ or ‘pause.’ Neat huh?

h e

You may have noticed there isn’t much storage other than his closet and if you want to consider his CD/DVD gasoline pump storage. Well, there is sliding drawer under his bed used for “hidden” storage. We also decided ahead of time that we would do our best to keep his room from becoming cluttered and messy. Wish us luck. Since he has a room upstairs dedicated to toys and the whole upstairs is pretty much a game toy room then, limiting a few toys to his closet would suffice.

So there you have it! The absolute coolest thing about this room is that Brayden LOVES it. Really it’s all that matters. Seriously, it’s a happy place to be and this little photo below speaks everything I need to know! Hope you liked the lil’ tour.

Sweet dreams to our BIG BOY snuggle bug. We love you!



Anonymous said...

love your room big boy b!

Anonymous said...

Love the new big boy room! Can't wait to come over and read some books with you! Love, Aunt Pia!

Amanda said...

Yomaida!! His room is fantastic!! I can't believe he has a big boy room!! so so so sweet... love it!!

Anonymous said...

lucky kid. chill room. gorgeous family. cool blog

rosebud said...

What a beautiful room -- so warm and comfy! And such cute furnishings!!

Laurie said...

I love your blog! My little ones room is also vintage/cars theme. I actually have that same bedside table and cars from Hobby Lobby- u can look at some pics here.
http://thismamarocks.blogspot.com/2009/09/under-construction-mommy-at-work.html. Its still a work in prgress. Also, I went to Canton, and we had a custom street sign made with my little mans name.

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) check out this emo boy one at this blog:

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