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Monday, August 3, 2009

a ME day!

All mommies need days to themselves. I spent last Friday with fun girls...just having a ME day! We spent the day snacking, drinking some very tasty cocktails, and toasting in the sun. It was wonderful! It was relaxing. Even the drive to uptown...to meet my Uptown Girls was relaxing. The drive home? Yep, just as relaxing. You see the pattern? It was one RELAXING day with no kids, no chores, no errands, no meal-making, no phone calls.....just a little time with girls doing what we do best....chatting! We even had some fun mags to read while at the pool. The little things that make a mommy of two so happy...it was a GREAT way to spend my day taking a break.

Thank you to my HONEY for giving me the day! I LOVE you!

some very tasty treats


the queens of the kitchen
EVERYTHING was amazing!
Thank you Laurie and Marissa

THE spot

It was just us girls at the pool...n-i-c-e!

former graduate school classmate,
Nealy's 2nd grade teacher,
and most importantly...
my dear-sweet friend, Melissa!

my very cute and sweet friend, Marissa

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