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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

Last week we went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch! It was fun to get out of the house and not be on a schedule but, 'word to the wise'...DO NOT eat the pizza! (I had 3 tiny slices of cheese pizza and it was a WHOPPING total of 711 calories)! Okay, so back to the story...This was Brayden's very first time to go. He liked it okay. He did have fun and he didn't cry or anything. He just wasn't overly excited about it. I personally, was NOT excited but, a little worried about how dirty all the equipment really was....OMgosh! S.I.C.K...and truly, I am not a germa-phobe at all (usually). We even went to a nice-newer one! You better believe I scrubbed Mr. B's hands and cleaned his nails as soon as we got home. Even before that, I wiped them down with a wipee! Mercy! So, Scott and I did enjoy taking Brayden around to all the little different games and rides. He was WAY more interested in the older kids' games like: Football Fury and Sea Wolf...so interesting. He did like the 'rolling of balls'...what is that game called? You know, the one where you roll the ball up that little aisle and get x amount of points depending on what hole you make it in. Well anyway, he did like that one. He REALLY liked watching Daddee shoot hoops and make it all the way to the championship game and WIN! I was even a little excited at this point:) It was a fun lunch indeed! We missed Nealy, (but, she probably didn't miss us, as she is in Florida going to Disney and the beach with her grandparents)! We will definitely go back!....Uh, with hand sanitizer in hand:)

eating the HIGH calorie cheese pizza

playing in the tot area

sliding down the slide
(oh how I was trying not to stress about
the filth...yuck).

get 'em big boy!

air hockey time...he was interested
for about 4 or 5 seconds:)

Daddee and the Big Boy
He LOVED Sea Wolf. I even played...
it was fun!

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Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Which one did you go to. I am supposed to go with Polly and her grandkids on Wed. I haven't noticed the dirty and I am a germ freak. Maybe it just block it out for my own mental safty. ;)