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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to School!

The summer was just SPLENDID! We enjoyed one another and had a great time just hanging out. We didn't do much but we sure did utilize our time visiting the library, swimming at the pool, taking long evening walks, shopping a bit, and best of all... lounging in our pj's a lot of the days. Ahem, greatness indeed. Scott finished graduate school and his last training just TWO days ago! Yay Daddee! We are so proud of him. Nealy and Brayden visited the pediatrician and Brayden received one shot and poor Nealy received 7 total! I didn't post their stats so I am catching up.

Brayden James at 2 years
weight ~ 25.8 lbs. (10th-25th percentile)
BMI not on the chart
height ~ 341/4 (50th pecentile)
head 49 (50-75th percentile)

summer bath-time fun

Nealy Mckay at 11 years
weight ~ 73 lbs. (25th percentile)
height ~ 561/4 (50th percentile)
BMI 16

Nealy rockin' her new Mavs school shirt.
This is the day we picked up her schedule for
school and she is ready to start!

I am so happy both my kids are very healthy. They are healthful eaters and very active. Thank you God. So....we also completed Brayden's Big Boy room! We are waiting on just a few items and I need to add some final touches! It's grand! I can't wait to post pictures. Last, I started my very own, very cutesy, double sided custom photo card business! Check it out: Caputring Memories

As our summer break ends and the school year begins we are trying to transition our "summer brains" back to "school brains!"

Here's my list!

reading US Weekly TO reading lesson plans
reading comics TO reading about Texas Government
sunscreen TO computer screen
swimming TO drowning in homework or paperwork
passing gas (yikes) TO passing tests (hopefully)
video game system TO Metric system
DVD watching TO clock watching
pesty bugs TO class pests (I've never had any)
more AC TO more A's than C's
playing with pets TO teacher's pet
Pop Rocks TO pop quizzes
sand in your swimsuit TO sandwiches in your lunch
fire up the grill TO fire drill
dog ate your ice-cream TO dog ate your homework

I would love to hear more...so leave a comment if you have a good one!:)

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