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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pump it up in July!

July's playdate was at Pump it up Jr. It was a super place to let the kids just GO! We had extra kids join us (some new members) and some who are just older siblings and friends. ALL the kids had a fantastic time, using a lot of energy and even meeting new friends! There were no injuries so that's a plus too. I also enjoyed meeting new friends. Good times indeed!I personally am so excited to announce that my little guy really came out of his shell yesterday! He played so well and even climbed up ladders and slid on his very own...several times. He went inside other bounce houses to jump and just check them out. It was pure greatness. NOW, I am a little embarrassed to say he displayed some aggression. JUST ONCE though. A little friend was on the bike he wanted so he took it upon himself to say, "My turn, down!" He was telling her to get down (off the bike). He even took her by the arm to (what I like to think help) get her off the bike. Mercy! Fortunately, I was there to intervene and all turned out A-okay!

It only took a few of these...

to see this...

and this over and over again!

I especially like THIS!
Very happy, sweet, and confident
big boy!

Nealy had fun too!

Go Makayla go!

New little friend, Landon

New little friend, Emmerson


More friends...sweet girls having a blast!

L.O.V.E. this little story...They are having a little
conversation, and what do I see?

The sweetest little kiss EVER! This is actually the second one.
I was so suprised and just giggling...I asked them to give
each other a kiss again. So precious!

Look at my boy! He was just a tumbling every
which way but, loose. I am so happy
he had a good time. It made up for last month's
fit at playgroup:)

You know I LOVE him!

Cupcake time! One of the mommies made
them for the kids...I captured some cute ones.
This is definitely a sweet one of Makayla.
SWEET treat for a SWEET girl!

I love Brayden's little face
in BOTH of these! He doesn't eat
a lot of sweets, so he was treasuring
the chocolate icing he was licking away at.
He kept yelling out, "good!"

...so pleasantly intrigued.

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