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Monday, July 20, 2009

Hooked up with Books!

My little boy LOVES him some books. Seriously, he asks us to read him books several times a day. He really enjoys books about cars, trains, and tractors! So last night, when I received a text from my gal pal, Cat inviting us to a toddler reading group, I was pumped. I knew Brayden would love going to the library with his little friend, Makayla! SO....this morning we headed to Rockwall with Catherine and Makayla. The librarian did a nice job and even incorporated some songs during the group time (great for early language awareness). She read nice and slow. She made sure all the tots had the opportunity to see the pictures. I guess I can critique...right? I mean, I am a kindergarten teacher and all! I do this sorta thing for a living. I'm just sayin'.... :) Seriously though, she was great! I was impressed with how precious the little room was (it was painted SO darling) and how big the library was. Brayden had a great time. He did indeed listen and attend...it just happened to be on his terms. He took a couple of breaks to go and look out the window (as pictured below). He was especially engaged when everyone started singing, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes! He LOVES that song. He smiled and followed along.

We signed up for the summer reading club too! We even signed Nealy up and brought her home a little baggy with info and goodies. I applied for a library card and checked out 3 books (that's the limit for first timers...then it goes up to THIRTY)! We are set and ready for next time. It seriously was a good time. We look forward to going back on Wednesday!

on his little break

Makayla and mommy....good job today little miss!

Okay, so this is a little dog house that the
tots can walk through to get out of the little
reading room and enter the library.
How cute is this? LOVE it!

Ready to read!

We found some good ones.
Makayla picked out a Franklin book
and well...I did the picking for Brayden because he
picked out lots of books like....

The Orphan Singer as seen in this picture! Ha!
I am sure it's a really sweet book...just a tad above
my little guy's level. So, I found some about street signs!
Right up his alley! (uh, pun intended)

our little scholars

"Big Tire!" is what Makayla and Brayden
kept saying to each other. It's actually a tire
swing that is on a wall with a scene and
3 dimensional tree! TOO precious!

Here is a better view of the BIG TIRE.

my cutie

They just loved hanging out this morning!
This is actually the first day I heard them
have a little conversation.
They have always acknowledged
each other and played together...kinda,
but today they talked and talked.
Makayla even chased Brayden around and
tackled him to give him a hug! Mr. B
laughed....such fun!

So this is what is waiting for Brayden
when we get home! Daddee's little surprise.

What a fabulous morning! Tonight? Dinner at the in-laws...it can't get any better than this.


Catherine said...

We had such fun today! So glad y'all could make it!!

Jodi said...

We LOVE story time at our library too!! And, my boys LOVE reading books as well!! Cute, Cute!!