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Friday, July 24, 2009

My Sis' Birthday on the Lake!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday my Dearest Pia,

Happy Birthday to you!...and many more...

Yesterday, July 23rd was my sister, Priscilla's 37th birthday. She is just amazingly beautiful, funny, and a BIG dork! She makes me laugh! I couldn't imagine not having her as my sister. I can always count on her to "bat" for me if ever necessary. Seriously. She does NOT joke around and is very strong and confident. I just LOVE her.

Well, we went to dinner at YUMMY Primo's Tex-Mex Grill on Lake Ray Hubbard last night. The atmosphere was perfect. The cool night air? (yeah, truly there was a cool little breeze last night)...Down right to die for. (Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of the lake but, plan on going back soon and will definitely get some). We all enjoyed talking, laughing, reminiscing, and did I say, laughing? We really laughed the night away. The time went by unbelievably fast. :( The gang headed on over to a karaoke bar. Sadly, Scott and I had to head home to our two. We would have LOVED to hang out longer and sing a tune or two. SO, we will be heading back that way soon. I'm telling you, it is close (to us) and a super cute, fun, fast paced little area right there by the lake. Primo's had an awesome patio as many of the restaurants around there did!...totally the way to do it up right!

Now, I share with you a few captured memories of Priscilla's birthday dinner!

Sis-in-law Sarah and the Birthday Girl

One of my little bro's and me!
I know what you're thinkin'!
AND the answer is, YES! We ARE brother and sister.

Alan and Misty (my sis' long time gal pal)

Angel and Misty

This is one of my favorite pics
of my handsome honey and me.

Dallas there on the right was cracking us up ALL
night! He is one funny guy.

Ooh-La-La....gifts for the B Day Girl

the girls

Priscilla and Abby (you're never too late to party)

Pia and the Funny Man, Dallas


Anonymous said...

Yomaida, thank you for the sweet post! It truly was a great night and I am so happy that you and Scott were a part of it! Lots of love to the both of you! And tons of kisses and hugs to Nealy and Brayden!! Love Pia!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the amazing pics of me! Just kidding but it was nice to see you and meet Scott! Thanks for making it a special night for Priscilla!! ---- Dallas!