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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Party!

Nealy's birthday party was today! We had it in the AM before it got too terribly hot...but, it was still hot. The kids had fun splashing in the pool and socializing. It's fun to see preteens interact. They are still silly kids...only in bigger bodies. :) Anyway, we adults had a good time chatting and just tried to stay as cool as possible. It was a great success! I'm telling you, it's tough to have kids' birthdays back to back. I'm a little thankful Nealy is outgrowing the whole traditional birthday party routine and stepping into the "teenage" way of doing things. What is the "teenage" way? I have no idea! She has just been saying, "mom now that I am older I want to have different kinda birthday parties..."you know, more low key, few friends, maybe a dinner or a slumber party and movie watching." We'll see what all that encompasses....

So again, this was a fun one! Nealy was so happy and grateful to have spent some time with her friends. (She sure did miss the ones who were out of town). She also made out like a bandit! She thanks her generous friends and family members. She will have super fun school clothes shopping and purchasing songs and apps for her i-Pod Touch! THANK YOU!

the cake was yummy with whipped icing

mama had to have one with her mini-me


the group before a few showed up...
I always manage to do this...oops!

The girls...

against the boys

not quite sure what they were up to...


cooling off with a sip of juice

Cousin Carson made it too!

so did Cousin Tristan

Priscilla, Sarah, and Tristan
Sweet pic!

Nealy and Lindsey

The boys..again. They obviously don't like to pose :)

having lunch
I decided against pizza this year.
I figured sandwiches and fruit were a lot
more refreshing and healthy.

Now this is what I am talking 'bout!
Pretty girls posing...very cute

This next little sequence makes my heart smile
and me just laugh!
I had to include it. We finally got it right.
I love you mom. I am so happy you are spending time
with us this summer! Thanks for all your help.

They had no trouble getting it right the
first time!

Sweet Victoria and the Birthday Girl

Make a wish!

my big girl...all smiles


Anonymous said...

It was a great time! I'm so happy Nealy had a great b-day! I love you Nealy! Love, Pia!

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

It looks like a lot of fun! Where did you have the party?