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Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Playdate!...Opportunity for the Ladies Man!

Yesterday was our May playgroup playdate! Our terrific tots had a grand time playing and having fun in the sun. Kate and Emily hosted this precious playdate. Kate had a little pool and cutesy sprinkler for the tots to play in. She also had some yummy fresh fruit (BTW: the watermelon was just perfect for my little man...you are thoughtful) and finger foods. Great job Kate. You are too cute and so hospitable. Brayden just happened to be the only boy there and I really think he was lovin' it. Four of the cutest little girls....he was cool, calm, and collect. Not to mention, he had great manners...as all the tots did! They played well together once they warmed up. I must say Brayden never actually made it into the pool though. Remember his "particular ways" and very "cautious" personality? He did however, play and enjoy his little friends. I just loved visiting with the other mommies. I am so happy we were able to spend some time together chit-chatting and hangin' out. I think it's a perfect age to have started our playgroup. The tots are very independent and can walk, play, and feed themselves. It can't get any better than this!

Introducing himself

Mommy's Boy
Miss Kate
Miss Emily

Mr. B ...took some time to spend by himself.
He's so funny. He was getting ready to take
off running!

Miss Makayla

Miss Avery


More discussion...

I think Brayden was trying to convince
Emily to join him outside of the pool :-)

Brayden's visor...
this was a great idea and thanks for the
'boy' stickers. :-)

cooling off and having a snack

Ladies Man seated right in the middle

How cute are they?

just too sweet...I love this picture
GREAT idea Catherine!

The mommies!
(from left to right)
Catherine, Amy, Me, Kate, Stacey
It was funny trying to take this picture!
Thanks for the pic Cat. I cropped out our feet...
since I didn't have my cute sandals on...Ha!

Grocery Cart pushing...hmm? This
may be a birthday idea!

Helping Miss Kate as I pack up.
What a wonderful playdate! Thanks again Kate for hosting! We missed you Megan, Mandy, Regina, and Amanda!!! :-) I truly can't wait to see everyone in June!!!

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Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful visit. What a sweet boy you have!