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Sunday, June 7, 2009

My 5th Grade Graduate!

As we were walking in to school on Friday (the last day of school), Starbucks in hand, with a pep in our step (just as any other school day) ....I STOPPED DEAD in my tracks. I looked at Nealy. She looked at me, a little puzzled as to why I stopped so unexpectedly. We were both in khaki shorts, tennis shoes, and our LHES black '09 t-shirts. Our hair is parted on the same side and we share the same heart shaped face. Time stood still as only a couple of seconds passed. In those seconds that felt like a lot longer, I stared at a me...(okay a much younger version) of myself with lighter eyes. Those eyes have sparkle, excitement and an over abundance of curiosity. I had the most painful knot in my throat. I said in a gruff...a bit shaky voice, "Nealy this will be the last day we walk in to school together. It will be the last day we share this time together." Nealy's response, "Motherrrrrr." But, I saw the understanding in her eyes and a teeny bit of sadness (that quickly left as quickly as it arrived). Should we have walked back to car and made the short walk from the parking lot to school one last time? No. It wouldn't have been as special and memorable. I am so happy I took the opportunity to pause and share that moment with my daughter.

It has been a very emotional week for me. As much as I thought I was ready for this day to come, I surely didn't expect the overwhelming sense of loss and sadness. Yes, it sounds dramatic and with time all will be good! It's just, funny how time goes by so quickly. I think to myself, if I had it to do all over again, what would I do differently? The answer: Not a dang thing! There have been obstacles to conquer (having your child at the same school with you is not an easy thing). I will say, the pros out weigh the cons for sure. Wow! So many memories all the way from kindergarten to this last 5th grade year. I picked a few things to scan in and share! I had way too many so I picked some of my favorites.

Kindergarten Writing Sample
NOTICE how Nealy spelled
t-shirt! Ooops!
In kindergarten Nealy's teacher read,
There's a Nightmare in my Closet
by Mercer Mayer
This is is Nealy's response to the question:
What would you do if there was a nightmare
in your closet?

Behind the Door
Here is Nealy's Nightmare!
Isn't this so cute!
I love the backwards "No!"

Summer after 1st Grade!
Nealy's Birthday Party
Nealy and Taylor
Wow! They have grown in to
beautiful sweet girls.
Nealy and Taylor
at the 5th Grade End of the Year Program.
They each had a solo in the concert!
They sang beautifully.
I am so proud of these two!

4th Grade Program
Taylor, Braun, Nealy, and Dylan

4th Grade Swim Night
Nealy, Lindsey, Taylor, Kaitlyn, and Mrs. Netherland

Nealy and her favorite Principal,
Mrs. Meziere

Nealy and her 5th Grade Teacher,
Mrs. Ragsdale

Jake, Mrs. Ragsdale, and Nealy
My girl and me!

5th Grade Last Day of School Party
Nealy and Mrs. Ragsdale...bustin' a move!

Doing the Chicken Dance

L.O.V.E. this one!

Tiffany, Nealy, Taylor, and Kaitlyn
As answered by Nealy:
1. What are some most memorable times in 5th grade? Adventure Camp! It was a blast. I also will remember the medical unit. We got to learn about the bones and muscles. We got to make and decorate a medical file. It was neat because it was work but it was really fun! And I guess getting commended in all 3 TAKS...again. :-)

2. Who are your favorite friends? Taylor A. Kristy, Tiffany, Taylor D., Sam, Michael, Jake, Kaitlyn, Lindsey, Carson, and Dylan.

3. What did you like best about being in the same school as your mom? If I needed lunch money I could always go to her room and get a check. She would always give me book fair money. I could go to her room during lunch sometimes and help her (and bring friends). I also liked getting Starbucks every morning...I am going to miss that!!!

4. What were some of your embarrassing moments? ?????

5. What are you going to miss most about elementary school? recess and less homework

6. Name all your elementary grade level teachers. Ms. Haggerty , Mrs.brown , Ms. Patton, Mrs. Jurgemyer , Mrs. Netherland , and Mrs. Ragsdale!!!

7. What was the worst thing about elementary school. Lunch. It was gross. I hated nacho day...barf!

8. What do you look forward to in middle school? volleyball in the 7th grade!

9. Are you nervous or worried about anything as you start middle school? homework

10. What are your thoughts about going to middle school? none really. I just hope they provide better food.

So there you have it! I am officially a mother of a fabulous 6th grader! I love you Nealy. We'll drink all the Starbucks this summer to make up for next year. :-) I am so proud of you!


Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Aww this post makes me tear up. I am happy that you take the time to realize these momentous moments. You are a great mom!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe time has flown by! I bet mom will be sad without you, but I know she is very proud of you. I expect great things from in middle school. Don't let me down. :-)pia

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