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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Health Nut by Nature

Many of you know my struggle to be healthy (referring to my eating and exercising habits). I have recently, within the last couple of weeks, stepped up to the plate and put big effort into leading a "healthy nut" lifestyle. I have been attending spin classes at 5:45 in the morning on WEEK days. I have been making about 3 trips a week to our super-nice fitness center (in our neighborhood) to speed walk and run on the treadmill. I have continued minimal weight training here at home under my hubby's training and supervision. Phew! Although I have been resistant training a while....there had been weeks of doing nothing. It's a vicious cycle of jumping on the 'wagon' and jumping right back on to the couch! This time I owe it to myself to continue making the effort. Not to mention, summer break is only 9 short-sweet working days away. Yessss! Nealy truly is an inspiration to me. She is definitely a health nut by nature. She keeps active and physically challenges herself. I so admire it. She eats well...but, is still a kid and she doesn't deprive herself of the "yummies" out there. I learn so much from her. She truly keeps me youthful in this department. I want to be a good model for not just her but, Brayden as well. Daddy is a big fitness fanatic so it is only natural I do my part to maintain a "healthy nut" family. It's really a great way of life! Thank you Nealy for helping me be a healthy me!

I took this picture during Brayden's
two year photo shoot!!!
Isn't she pretty?
At school Nealy participated in the marathon run. She's participated every year the physical eduction department has offered it. EVERY year she has completed the 26.2 miles to earn a marathon shirt. Way to go Nealy! Here she is proud and smiling!

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Rebeccalynn_dj said...

You should be proud of her. Healthy life style is the key to a healthy life. :)