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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great Friends AND So, Now We Know

Two purposes for this particular post...

Number 1: We love our wonderful friends, Jacob and Catherine and really enjoyed spending time with them on Memorial Day Weekend!

Number 2: Brayden has absolutely no interest in an outdoor swing-set / fort thingy.

We had an AWESOME memorial day weekend. We let nothing and I do mean NOTHING stand in our way of enjoying our family, friends, and privately honoring our nation's heroes. On Saturday we rested and spent a lazy day relaxing. Sunday we went to eat yummy fajitas, Catherine's homemade salsa and guacamole. Delish! The kids played and just enjoyed the weather. The cool breeze that came in early afternoon felt so good. We were happy to meet Catherine's longtime friend Stacey and her husband Derek. Yep, good people. Thank you to Jacob and Catherine for hosting the cookout. My mouth waters thinking about those yummy fajitas. I'm looking forward to getting together more often this summer....Great times ahead! Yeah!

Umm, so now we know we WON'T be purchasing a wooden swing-set / fort thingy for Brayden this year for his B Day! My mother in law told us several months back that he really didn't like the idea of swing-sets. How did she know this? Her neighbor has one that she would try to get Brayden to play on sometimes. She tried several times with no luck. He just wasn't interested. At the cookout we were so excited to see and play on Makayla's early birthday present....and when I say 'we'....I mean just Scott, Nealy, and I. Again, Brayden was just not feelin' it. He even cried when we 'strongly encouraged' him. Poor little guy. It's just not his thing. Right now anyway. Brayden is very cautious in his play and large motor movement. He has never fallen down while walking up or down the stairs b/c whether he attempts to walk or scoot he's very careful. He climbs on to the kitchen and dining room chairs all the time, but he sits correctly in them. He never stands or jumps off. He enjoys visiting the park but, doesn't necassarily seem interested in the equipment. He LOVES being outdoors and throwing balls with his daddy, running, riding his bike, spying on our neighbors through the little holes in the fence, and is even practicing a forward summersault! Hmm, it makes me ponder, now that my mother in law's insight was confirmed. Seriously, I can't really remember if Nealy was like this or not. I will say she never was seriously injured or had any broken bones. She is very cautious now; always thinking of safety. She always thinks about locking doors, and not at all trusting of strangers, just very aware of her surroundings. She has incredible intuition. I know this really has nothing to do with the fact that Brayden currently doesn't like swing-set / fort thingys....it's just very interesting on how kids' personality develops all on it's own. I find it neat that they gain or lack interest in certain things. Their 'makeup' is their very OWN...no matter the parents, no matter what they are exposed to. They are who they are. I really find this to be such a beautiful and very interesting fact. I'm a teacher so yes, I am a true believer in learned behavior and experiences impacting how a child behaves and performs....but, as far as personality? You just never know! Isn't that great?! I love watching how his personality develops! And, for now? We're thinking sandbox! He loves playing in the sand. It's one of his favorite things to do at Grand-daddy and Gran's house!

Maybe a bit curious? Or maybe
just me going on wishful thinking.

Uh...I don't think so daddy.

Not even with mommy was he willing.

Inviting Brayden up...she was so cute!

I can't say this one looks thrilled. Ha!

"I want outta here!"
Happy as can be...swinging!

Pulling daddy away from the

Defeated...daddy too!

Now, this is more like it!
BTW: you can see we are working
on getting rid of the farmer's tan...thus,
the muscle tank...for those BIG muscles. :-)
Stacey and Derek

Scott and Jacob
catching up

Just hangin' after a full belly...
all smiles!

Sweet thing!

Despite the whole (NO Swing-set!),
he had a great time playing with
his little friend!


rosebud said...

Hi, Yomaida! I saw that you were blogging and wandered over. You have a beautiful family!! Your blog is darling, too!

Rosemary (Catalina's mom)

Kayleigh said...

Great pics! Looks like you guys really enjoyed your long weekend! I'm so jealous that you get summer time off! Can't imagine how many more pics you're going to get to take!

You look great by the way!