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Friday, May 15, 2009

Tristan's Backyard Birthday!

Cousin Tristan is a one year old!!!! I'm a bit late posting....(but, I have been devoting any free time to this thing called a treadmill...you may know what I'm talking about. Yeah, we have a pretty intimate relationship now....we'll see how long we stay together). ANYWAY, we attended his super cute Backyardigan's themed birthday party last Saturday. It was pleasant time, chatting with family and letting the kids play. The food was yummy and we really enjoyed ourselves. Check it out!

Mommy and Tristan
(Sarah you are so rightfully proud)

Daddy and Brayden
trying to "keep" the balloons!

nothin' like a sister

Smile girl!
Me and the little man of the hour!
Boys will be boys! ....Mud, sticks, and rocks!
Cutie Pie, Aaron
Aiden the Charmer
Cool Kid Brayden
My girl! She is so great with
the little ones.
exploring...with you guessed it at
the lead!
Singing "Happy Birthday"
He's thinking about it!
Yum! This is good!
This is a cute little cake
Tristan's Aunt Angel made for him!

Happy Family!
We had a great time at your birthday party Tristan. It was cozy and such a fun time! Thanks to mommy and daddy for hosting. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!


The Four Of Us said...

Thank you guys for coming and I'm glad you had a good time! These pictures rock! :) Looking forward to more summer parties!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures girl!!!! You can snap your butt off!! LOL. Looking forward to seeing you guys again. T's party had alot going to where you couldn't help but to get a great shot of the party! Talk to you later.