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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Uptown Girls

We had a GNO on Friday night! It was so much fun. After a very eventful week...I deserved to get out with some of my very best girlfriends. It was satisfying to catch up, reminisce, and best of all laugh.

The fun started right after work at my sweet friend, Esmeralda's birthday in Plano! Afterward, I headed to McKinney to quickly primp and freshen up with Aspen. BTW: You're house looks amazing with the new paint and new decor ideas....LOVE it! Okay so, Aspen and I headed to uptown to meet the rest of the girls. We had a delish salad/pizza dinner at Fireside Pies. I loved the atmosphere and the trees and deck flooring completed the look. At dinner some of my daughter's confidence and silliness came out. Apparently, I have skills when it comes to impressions....(I didn't think too much of it)...but, making friends laugh makes me happy. After a long relaxing dinner we headed on over to Victor Tangos. Our GNO started to pick up and we got the party started. Ha! Okay, so maybe not so much...but, we carried on with our fun time of talking and laughing. I think some of us did some modeling poses for the camera too...just fun and silly. (Don't worry I won't post it....you know who you are). Of course leave it up to me to leave MY camera in my car, I am using Shawn's pictures. (Your request is filled Shawn....they are on my blog along with my brief recapulation of the night)! Some of the girls headed to Old Monk...I think... and continued on. I had a super LONG drive home and it was already so late...so Aspen and I decided to call it a night. Man, it was SO worth it. It had been too long! I love hangin' with my girls.

Marissa, Brooke, Page, and Ginger

Marissa and me

Aspen, Shawn, and Brooke

Aspen, Shawn, me, and Emily


Anonymous said...

It was fun!! Glad you made it out, Yomaida!!

Anonymous said...

We will have to do it again soon! Hopefully, next time I won't be SO pale...that picture is blinding!
love, Marissa

Anonymous said...

it was so much fun...let's please wait until i get a tan too before we do it again!! cute blog, ahh shoo!