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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Terrific Twenty -Two Month Tot!

The photos speak for themselves!


We love you more than words can express Brayden James! You are unbelievably smart and very talkative. You make so many connections it's ridiculous. Gran put on a blue and navy striped polo on you earlier this week and you kept saying, "I bumble bee, I bumble bee!" That came straight from your very own mouth! No prompting from anyone. You are one little brainiac!!! I love when you say, "what doing mommee?" OR when you say, "okay, let's nuggle." These are my favorite next to "I yuv you mommee." You really don't need much redirecting at all. You are complient and pretty much only whine or get grumpy when you are tired. You are such a daddy's boy and always want him. I'm second in demand and I don't mind one bit. Nealy may be third...but, she definitely loves you and you definitely love her. You like her silly-crazy ways. You both play well together. I really think you're following in her footsteps when it comes to confidence and being a smarty-pants. Your favorite foods: peas (seriously), french fries, & strawberries. You are a pretty good eater. You take after me. :-) What a terrific twenty two months! You melt mommy's heart every day!

Your Mommee


Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Very sweet! :) He got so big so fast!

Jesse and Zach said...

he is so precious!