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Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Showers Playdate!

Yesterday was our first official playdate with our playgroup! The theme was 'April Showers.' What a perfect and super cute theme as it rained yesterday. Now just to give you an idea of the day preceeding the playdate quickly:
*VB game in the morning
*lunch at Chick-fil-a
*picked up Nealy's friend Sam for a playdate of their own
*ran an errand
*came home the big kids played and kept Brayden entertained
*packed up and headed to the playdate...big kids in tow (they played outside...)

Did you notice what's missing? Yep, Brayden had no nap yesterday! We were so busy...I feel bad I never gave him the opportunity. Just as we were getting ready to go to Catherine's house he curled up in my lap and started playing with my hojis (hair). Poor little guy. I changed his clothes and off we went. He suprisingly did very well with his little friends. He didn't cry or whine. It did take him a bit to warm up....but, all was A-okay!

The kids came in their rainboots....adorable!
Detail I forgot earlier: Brayden James never put
his on. Figures...huh? I couldn't expect EVERYTHING
to be perfect. I am just so happy he had fun and enjoyed his
friends as much as he did.

Megan and Ella

Me and Brayden

Brayden, Maykayla, Eli, and Ella
Buncha Cuties!

Eli~ Brayden had fun with you, little dude!
I personally thought you were very cool
and super adorable. I was so happy to finally meet
you and mommy!

Bubble Time! The others didn't know what to make
of Makayla! She was the cutest thing. So excited about the
bubbles every time. The bubble machine is hers so
I guess the surprise and fun are never ending. :-)
Litte Ella's expression says it all. You are precious, Ella!

See what I mean? Too cute!

Catch them! Pop them! Whoo-Hoo!

Ella caught on quickly. The two little dudes...
well, they weren't quite as excited as the girls.

The kids made a little spring snack bowl!
It was simple, quick, and easy...the girl who came up with the
idea must be a genious. :-)

Brayden at work with momee!
What a super fun first playdate! Thank you Catherine for hosting and welcoming us in to your lovely home. Great job! Can't wait for the next one. We missed our friends: Kate and Emily, Stacey and Avery, Regina and Brody & Amy and Kate. Hugs to you and see next time!

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Catherine said...

Cute new page, great pictures! We had such fun at playgroup! Can't wait until next month!