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Sunday, March 15, 2009

VB 411

I absolutely LOVE going to Nealy's volleyball games. They are exciting and intense. A week ago Nealy kick started her VB season in a tournament! They placed 3rd! All the girls did an amazing job....they are playing 6th grade competitive. It was super fun to watch (with the exception of daddy not being there to help me out with our little guy). Scott had an administrative type of exam to take last Saturday. He arrived before the last two games and took Brayden home. It was passed his nap time. I made it home in just enough time to get out of the car and welcome sweet Makayla and her family to have a playdate. (post coming soon). Anyway, Nealy played well. She needs to get her serve a little more powerful and learn the new formation and rotation of playing 6th grade. She's doing quite well despite the fact she's new to the team and the other girls have played together before. Nealy HAS played with 3 before on the Aces and has quickly made friends with the rest! Yesterday she had a double header and they won both games! It's an AWESOME start to the season! Go Ka-Boom!!!!

The pics below are from the tournament weekend!

Nana and Mr. B....so sweet

Brayden actually sits well for an entire game.
It's tournament days he has trouble with.
They last all day (if the team is good) Ha!
And there is usually at least 45 minutes between
each game. Mercy!

Brayden LOVES his big sis!

She is just growin' up!
Makes me sad....but, smile!
Go #2!


I'll take that smile....

and that one too!

Getting their medals
Some girls were missing.
There are 8 girls total. They had a club game to play.
We had a sub and only played with 5 girls the last two games!
Yay Ka-Boom!


Amanda said...

she is absolutely beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Yomaida!!! Nealy looks so beautiful! Brayden stays so handsome!!! I love you guys and look forward to seeing alot more updates to your blog!! Love -*Y*-