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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friday Night Lights!

Carnivals are so much fun! I just think the rides are neat and the food...yeah, super unhealthy (I didn't eat one bite) but, it IS G.O.O.D!!! Scott and I both had seen the carnival at the Firewheel Center a few days before and thought it would be fun to take Brayden. It's visually stimulating and the weather was so nice aside from the crazy wind. We arrived pretty early before the crowd. To be very honest we really didn't know what to expect. Would Brayden like it? Would he be scared? Would he totally be NOT interested? We like exposing him to different things and it really helps us learn more about our little guy! Soooo...Brayden loved the sights indeed! The colors were vibrant and bright. He definitely was taking it all in. He's very observant. He did NOT however care for the rides! He only rode one...and that was enough for us to realize it was not his thing. I think he'll enjoy the carnival more in a year or two. It was a neat little experience though. After the carnival we walked around Firewheel....one of my favorite malls. We ate at our favorite place, Flying Fish! It was a great night. We were able to enjoy each other and get our minds off the stresses from the week. We sure missed Nealy but, we were able to see her in action the next day at her VB tournament. (Post coming soon)!

My two boys!

He doesn't look as excited as I do!
Does he?

Not wanting to let go of mommy...not one little bit!

Notice we were the only two on the merry-go-round :-)

He LOVES him some fish and chips!

Daddy and Brayden
Rockin' the same Nike color scheme

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Anonymous said...

Awwww!!! Too sweet! I saw the carnival the other day and the boys were dying to go, but it was a day of being on the constant go, so it ended up being a "no-go" for us. Great pics Yomaida!!! Looked like you guys were having a great time. Love ya! -Yolonda