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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bunches of Bunny Fun with Makayla!

Last weekend Miss Makayla came over for a playdate. She and Brayden had a ton 'O fun together. They slid, cooked in the kitchen and even went on a little bike ride! Catherine and I discussed further plans regarding our little playgroup of terrific tots! I believe another sweet mom and tot have officially joined our group. So that makes 3 boys and 5 girls in our playgroup! It's going to be a great little group. All mommies are fun, supercute and sweet just as the tots. I know Brayden will really enjoy meeting and reuniting with friends in April! We can't wait!

I added a few of Nealy's favorite Easter decor....I really love getting into the holiday by decorating but, Nealy loves it even more! The exciting thing about these pics are that they were all taken before the painters came in and gave our entire first floor a sweet little face lift. We are currently in the process of replacing drapes, pillows, and rearranging and adding decor and furniture! Such fun! (BUT, that's a whole separate post altogether)...but, it will be nice to look at before and after pictures.

Anyway, thank you Jacob, Cat, and Makayla for coming over and visiting, playing, and planning! We love you guys!
Brayden's current favorite two words:
"eeter eggs"
Everybunny, is some bunny special!

Yes, I love bunnies!

Brayden's Way: "Eeter Backet"

AND the fun begins!
"Your turn, my turn, ....wait, I want it to be my turn again!"

Who's going to get the spoon?
wait for it...

wait for it...

Makayla's Daddy Intervenes...

Our two tots "talk" it out and
play together nicely! Too cute!

"Makayla come check out my ride!"

"Oh sure, you can have your own, we'll just
ride side by side."

Now you see why Brayden was
so sweet on her!...She is precious!

Yes! Catherine was right! I was DUPED!
The package said adhesive embelishments!
Adhesive my .....
So needless to say, we mommies did all
the work!

They turned out pretty cute huh?


Rebeccalynn_dj said...

They look like they had fun. Cute Easter decor.

Anonymous said...

I love the decorations and Brayden looks so adorable playing with Makayla!!! Love...Yolonda and Douglas