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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Can you believe this crazy Texas weather? Ice one day with below freezing temps, and yesterday, 72 degrees and sunny! Unbelievable! However, we took advantage of the pretty day yesterday. After Brayden's nap I took him on a walk and then, we went to the park. Brayden is more into walking and exploring than actually playing on the playground equipment. Which is fine....he marches to his own beat. He likes to point at things and I give him information about what he's asking about. It's great fun! I mean really...I'm an expert when it comes to describing things such as leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. Telling what color an object is and where it came from isn't super hard. I ask him to repeat the names and colors. We feel and talk about textures. You know, exciting stuff like that. Hee-Hee! Ahem, one of the many joys of motherhood....I LOVE it!

Scott had a game to coach but, he came looking for us when he arrived home. We did a little more walking (I need to start up again....it's been hard when it's so cold outside) and chatted along the way. It was a gorgeous day.

This is what I love about where we live....it's open, not
conjested, and there is actually some nice scenery.
It's not TOTALLY out in the open country but, it
is away from the hustle and bustle...
I do treasure it.

Like I said, Brayden really didn't want to 'play' on
the equipment, he wanted to walk and walk and explore.
So this is one of the very few I even shot on
the actual playground.

See what I mean? Now, I know what you are
thinking....he looks really far away. AND, he is but, I
am one FAST runner (Scott will SO laugh at this)!
Actually, remember 'away from the hustle and bustle'?
There is an elementary school right there and no one was in sight.
Again, I CAN run fast only if I have to!

He really wasn't in the mood to pose either.
He's still cute though!

Okay, so here's the tree we had much
conversation about. Isn't it pretty?
Brayden just gravitated toward it.
It was the only near by tree...
right next to the playground actually.
Mommeeee, I want to walk some more!
Down? Down?
Wow! Daddy was excited to see his
little guy. I wish there was audio with
this shot. Too funny! I just love my two
boys together. They are fun to watch.

What's up dude?
I've been waitin' all day for my
Brayden James...
(just a little song daddy sings to Brayden....almost daily).

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy you had a fun day at the park. He explores because he wants to know more. What a smart little boy! Love, pia