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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ice day,...nice day...

at home! We didn't have school today because the icy/dangerous roads. What did we do? Not much of anything. We slept in, (well maybe that was just me ;-), watched a movie, read books, juggled balls, and just relaxed. Most of us didn't change out of our pj's. Pure greatness! It's only 12:30 and we have the rest of the day to do nothing!!! I like ice days...gives us the chance to get some much needed R&R and just spend time as family. Here is just the last two hours....who knows what the rest of the day has in store for us. I will say this much, I plan on snuggling up with my little one in bed and watching some Disney Channel! Yessss! It's one of my favorite things to do! Nealy will be upstairs playing wii or reading Eclipse. Scott will plant himself in front of the t.v. with the remote control in hand....aah how I love ice days! My mom is here and she will play with the kids and I am sure do some tidying up....like she always does. I love you mom! Oh and there's a very good chance of us watching another movie!

practicing her one-handed, two ball juggling act

totally focused and serious

Oh so sweet!

so...we didn't make the bed and I just threw up
the sheets and comforter (for the picture)...but, here is the place
we all pile up and watch the tube! BTW: it really
does look better with the pillows and such. ;0

on the opposite end of the bedroom (above our dresser)
...seriously, it makes for
some good viewing and good snugglin'!

This evening's dinner!
I love pot roast....especially on cold days like this one!
Thank you honey...you're the best!
See how many opportunities one has
on ice days?

Talking to himself as he begins
a new book!

he loves counting...mostly to 2 right now...but
he can repeat!!!

my other little cutie
What an innocent little expression!
cheer for ice days!!! ...in a little nutshell of what our morning was like! :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh! I am happy you guys stayed warm. nealy and brayden ARE so cute. i want some pot roast too. love, pia

Anonymous said...

MOTHER!!!! why did you put that ugly picture of me ? !!!! :(