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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Click Clack, Moo...

Cows that Type
BTW: I took this picture! It almost doesn't
look like a photograph huh?

On Friday we went to the Dallas Children's Theater to watch the play Click Clack Moo Cows that Type. It is a play based on the book by Doreen Cronin. It was darling! It was very entertaining and hilarious. The kids just loved it. They liked it a lot better than Madeline's Christmas. This play was actually recommended for children 2yrs and up so it was very appropriate for Brayden. He did an excellent job during the play and never got scared when the lights went out. He clapped when the rest of the audience clapped. He sat very still and enjoyed all the singing and dancing. The only times that were difficult for him (or maybe I should say for me) were the 'waiting in line' before the play starts and intermission. Although we have reserved seating, it's a section not an actual 'reserved seat.' We have to get there early. Truly any seat in the house is amazing! Nealy was able to get all the humor that was plugged in. She even said she wanted to watch it again. I am so happy my two can share an experience that is enjoyed by both.

Thank you so much to the very sweet Stricker Family! We went with them again and they are truly great company and so kind. We enjoyed a delish dinner at Pappisitos Cantina before the play. This time I don't think I even asked Scott to attend. I wasn't being rude, I did it more out of kindness. He loves family outings and being with friends....but, last time he was the only adult male with THREE adult women...You understand. ;-} He is always such a sport; I gave him a little break this time. :-)

Straight to the gift shop!
He's starting young...

Caught! I was just looking...

Hayden's going to get you Nealy!...

But, not before Brayden James
comes to your rescue!
AND, Nealy never moved or even knew
what was up! ;-)

Again, Nealy and Hayden had their posters signed by the actors and actresses after the play. I just love that they are being exposed to the arts....learning to appreciate at a young age!

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Anonymous said...

i'm sure it was a great show! i'm happy the kids liked it!!! love aunt pia!