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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Toadally Wild Valentines!

Today Nealy and Brayden made the cutest little Valentines after dinner. Nealy made a 'toad' and Brayden made a 'wild' monkey...thus, my two 'Toadally Wild Valentines!!!' I wrote their names on them and will put some magnetic tape on them. Displaying them on the fridge for the month is perfect. I love the idea of Valentine's Day! Love is such a strong emotion and definitely needs to be recognized often. What a special way to spend the evening.

The final product?...Not quite! If you notice in some of the above
pictures, Nealy added glitter to frame the big pink
heart on her valentine. Once she did hers, I went ahead
and framed Brayden's. They came out SO SO cute!
Next on our list....
with lots of icing and sprinkles!!! Yummy!


Kayleigh said...

Awwww TOTALLY cute! Crazy to think that it was an entire year ago that I helped with your class Valentine bags. <3

The magnets turned out so cute, and your kids are gorgeous as usual too!

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea and cute kids. I will do similar project with my two kids. Sara (from Toronto)

Anonymous said...

cute...brayden james looks like he's so into it. nealy does too. love, aunt pia

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures Yomaida. The tulips and daisies were so pretty. I didn't realize how nice the pictures turned out of the kids from our nice visit with you guys. Looking forward to seeing yall again. Love...Doug and Yolonda