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Monday, January 19, 2009

Old stories, laughs, high kicks and more

Okay so there really weren't high kicks involved but, Saturday night a lot of story telling, catching up, and laughs went on. I went to meet up with friends from high school. Yep, Plano East Alums! (We missed a couple...so hopefully next time they can make it)! It was SO much fun. We reminisced and bragged about our kids. We laughed at the silly things that were said and done back in the day. I hadn't seen these girls since our 10 year class reunion and even then, it's not like we really had a chance to catch up. Our class was so big (around 1000 I'm guessing) you didn't have the time. We started the night at Blue Mesa and we closed the place down. We just didn't want to stop talking. After Blue Mesa we went back to Aloft in Plano. It was the hotel our friend Hope was staying at. She came from Oklahoma! The stories continued and laughs continued until we called it a night at 2am. It was a LONG drive home but, it was well worth it. I LOVED catching up with my drill team girls! It was night to remember.

On the Left front to back: Chandra, Jennifer, Jennifer, & Angela
On the Right front to back: Merriann, Me, Hope
Strike a pose ladies!

At the Aloft...Angela and me

Deep in conversation...It was so great to see you girls!

Hope and I
we stood together at the end of the drill team line
we were the smallest...does that surprise you?

Aah my dear friend, Merriann
And the race is on...
It's a funny story from the past.
I don't expect anyone to get it except her. lol


Anonymous said...

cant wait to get brayden and me a pet. Happy you had fun mom!

Anonymous said...

it's always so nice to reunite with old friends. glad you had a great time! priscilla