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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hooray! Happy Hair Day!

Brayden James had his hair cut for the 4th time yesterday! Now, I know what some of you may be thinking...(What? only the 4th time in 18 months? You need to get his hair cut more often)! Well, here's the deal: I wanted it to grow out so we could start fresh. Not to mention, I just love little boys with long untamed hair. It's precious for the cold months and it's trendy. Sharkey's Cuts for Kids Hair Studio...where haircuts are cool and fun rules, cleaned it up but, left the side swept bangs that I ABSOLUTELY love. Come to find out I have been combing it in the wrong direction all these months...oops! Apparently the bangs go the same direction as the calic on the crown of the head. How was I suppose to know? I guess now I do! His hair is rockin'! AND Brayden did a great job letting them snip away and even use the clippers. The second picture where he is crying is b/c he finally realized someone other than Daddy, Mommy, or Nealy was touching him. Ha! We refocused him on the video game he and Daddy were playing and he was just fine 'till the end! He looks adorable. Take a look!

Just getting started

Uh Oh! He calmed down very soon after.

Move over Jesse McCartney...
Here's my boy

At home!
Mommy is lovin' the locks...
Brayden is lookin' good!


Michelle said...

Love the cute hair Brayden!! Yomaida, he is just the perfect combo. of you and Scott; it's amazing how I can see both of you in him!

Catherine said...

What a cutie!! We need to cut Makayla's hair but I'm trying to hold off until she's two. I want her bangs to grow out but its such a pain when they are in her eyes all of the time!! Brayden is just a doll!

Anonymous said...

looking good, not that you didn't before! you're always a cutie!! so handsome BJ! love aunt pia!!

Anonymous said...

I just got a view of the blog.....I loved the little Valentine's cards that you guys made and then I liked the pictures of Nealy of Brayden wearing the opposite color jackets. Your page is always so thorough and cute! I will be looking forward to viewing more of it. Love you guys....let's get together soon!! Yoli