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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve with the Andrade's!

Last night we went to my brother Lloyd's house to have a joyous celebration. He hosted this year and he and Sarah did a very nice job. We had a traditional Christmas dinner (well, Lloyd fried a turkey and it was yummy....is that traditional?...I don't think). Anyway, we spent a casual evening chatting and laughing the time away. I just get so excited to get together with my siblings because we share the same humerous personality and love to laugh. We reminisce about the 'old days,' before any of us had kids. It's just a really good time. The best part of an Andrade Christmas is that it's not fancy, high-strung or stressful. It's just casual, cheery and comfy. The kids play and there is no set schedule. It's nice. I always enjoy spending time with my family. Note to my brother Doug: Be prepared to pose next time!:-)

Sarah, Loyd, and Tristan

Miniture Santa!

so curious

Nealy and Tristan

Playing and watching Backyardigan's

Awe, Cousin Tristan looks up to Brayden

Daddy and Brayden
Popo, Nana, and Nealy
Priscilla (my big sis) and me
Trey and Axavier opening gifts
Yolonda and bedset...she was so proud!
Aiden was quiet all night.
Hope he wasn't getting sick.
Nana and Aarron....just turned a year!

What do you have there?

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