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Monday, December 22, 2008

Once upon a Christmas...

there was a calm yet playful little boy who was oh so under the weather. He was jolly despite his runny nose and drool. He smiled from under his heavy eyes and long beautiful lashes. (Understand? This ever so precious little boy was teething). Mommy was guessing it was a molar coming in. She didn't check but, the drool and runny nose explained it all. So, on this day that was meant for hustling and bustling around to do last minute Christmas shopping, was a day spent snuggled up on the couch or over sized chair. Mommy was quick to fulfill the needs of the little boy. Motrin was on hand and so was plenty of juice and warm blankets. Mommy was so caring that she would use a heating pad to warm the spot where the little boy would bundle up. You see it was a super chilly day with temperatures below freezing. Could this little boy have it any better? Well, not only did he have such a caring mommy he was watching all his fave Christmas cartoons and kept his head down on Mommy's shoulder all through Mickey's Once upon a Christmas. It was a tranquil and relaxing day for the little boy. Mommy was happy that she was able to be home for him as well as spend the day with HER little drummer boy!

So needless to say, I didn't leave the house ALL day! Now this is quite unusual for me during this time of year. Scott left to do more shopping and run errands. Since I was home ALL day and had stretches of time on my hands, I read the informational book on the XSi and practiced photographing things in my house. Cooky? I like to think...productive! It was fun! I experimented with lighting and different modes and adjustments. So now, I share with you some (just a few of the many) Christmas decorations!! ;-)

I LOVE this little Santa.
He's just so darn chubby and cute!

Fun little idea I thought of last year.

My pencil santas....their unique.
I have had them for over 10 years!

He's justa restin'

I just think gingerbread men are sweet.

I have these all over my tree and there are pairs.
The snowmen vary slighty. I just like looking at them.
They make me smile.

hasn't moved a muscle
Normally I do more with this area.
I just didn't this year. I usually have candles and pillars of
varying heights too. I was worried Brayden would pull
on the stockings (and bring everything down)
but, he hasn't and I never got around
to adding the candles and bows to the garland.

So as you can see I learned my camera
does this neat shading thing. I didn't even have
to do it myself. Cool!
The count down is on!
5,4,3,2,1 ~Zzzzzzzzzz
Blurred background...
I had a better one of my hand and
the tree in the background but, I'm
in need of a mani...:-)
Some of the Christmas cards
we received. We displayed some over our sink too!

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Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Great pictures. I am glad you had some down time. Mommies need that break.