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Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa came!!!

The night before Christmas the kids left Santa some cookies and milk by the fireplace and off to bed they went. Scott and I stayed up to watch a movie and wait for Santa. I, unfortunately didn't make it. I was so tired from the day's celebrations that I just zonked out. I didn't even take a picture of the Christmas tree cookies the kids put out. BUT, I did get a picture of what Santa left behind. (I guess he liked the cookies). Christmas morning the kids woke up to many gifts Santa left for them. Nealy was so excited to get the Rip-Stick she has been wanting! And, well there was Brayden...he was not as excited. He definitely was interested and looked at the pictures on all the boxes though. We unwrapped, showed, ooh and awed. It truly looked like a tornado came through our entire house. It was a memorable Christmas morning with my family of four. Oh! BTW: My Santa Baby gave me Eclipse and Breaking Dawn hardback books by Stephenie Meyer! Yessss!

After all the excitement, I crawled back into bed and Daddy put the easel/desk, "grow with me" kitchen, tool bench, Little Tikes basketball net, and Hot Wheels racing track set together for our little guy. Mercy! (I think it's cool how he plays so well with Hot Wheels). He's extra careful and really gets the concept of the ramps etc. Nealy tried on her new clothes/shoes and explored her new cell phone! It's pink! Where has the time gone?

Santa sure did some nibbling!

Brayden James must have been super good.

We gave him little Nike Shocks....adorable!

Nealy must have done something right!
She now has a REAL cell phone.
The last one she had only dialed out to four people
and had a 911 button.

Yes, we give him a bottle once a day
still...he loves it! And he's the baby.

Okay, just so you know, the Iron Gym
was on his list. He's already used it
like 3 times! I have to say, it's a pretty neat
gadget...as seen on t.v. :-)
Coming Soon: a post about our joyous Christmas day with the 'other' England family! ;-)


Amanda said...

loved looking through all of your pictures!! Merry Christmas!

Yolonda said...

Love the page....cute pics. Brayden has the sweetest face and Nealy is so pretty!