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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick OR Treat OR Tears

Our Halloween Night was definitely memorable, yet not quite as planned. Nealy ended up going to her dad's this weekend. I can't wait to hear all about the fun she had and about the kinds of candy she collected. I am certain she, I mean Pepples had a night to remember.

So, it was Scott, Brayden and I. I liked that we were able to be on OUR time and relax prior to trick-or-treating. We were able to give Brayden all of our attention and believe me he needed it. I always say I have a sweet little boy who is calm, collect, and sometimes timid. Well, he is still all those things but, just as luck would have it, he was under the weather on Halloween. Big time! Gran said he had "loose motions"....(as I like to call it). He also had a runny nose and was fussy. Wow! It must have started just yesterday because he has been the healthiest baby all year with the exception of his little eyes (BTW: his eyes are doing great).

As soon as we got home from Gran's we freshened up and read some MORE Halloween books. These are courtesy of my dear friend, Page! Come get some animal crackers whenever you want girl!!!!

Our evening as told by ME:

We had a terrific time reading.
It soothed Brayden and we relaxed.
Daddy gave Brayden a warm bath to help further soothe and maybe relieve some sinus
pressure. What a great daddy! This gave me time to take a super quick cat nap (one of my favorites). I was exhausted yesterday. On a side note: I leave for camp with Nealy on Monday! This is another story entirely....(so needless to say this means I had to plan for a sub for 3 days....ugh)...again, EXHAUSTED.

Brayden's Dinner! AND ours too!

Trick-OR-Treat Pail, Candy,
and Cousin Carson's Halloween Gift.

"I see trick-or-treaters!"
Not moving. Standing very still as daddy
and I urge him on. He stood for a good few minutes.
The neighbors even came over to "ooh and aah"
over our cute little dinosaur. Still...
not moving.

So I moved him. He's not too happy.
BTW: there's always that one picture with the
weird coloring. Uh huh, this one is it.

And the tears start rolling. We were just at the
the very first house. Funny thought: Our neighbor asked us
"what kind of candy does he like?" Uh??? Brayden James
has NEVER had candy. Isn't that funny? I mean we aren't opposed
to it, it's just we never considered giving him any.
So, we probably won't start just yet. It's just something
I never thought of.

A bit better. I had to keep roaring to make
him giggle.

Brayden James did better as the time
went on. When we turned on the next street over there
were close to 50 kids. It was neat to see.
Here are some cute little girls
that posed for a picture with us.

We said, "let's go home" and Brayden James
put a pep in his step.

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Amanda said...

so sweet! haha... poor little guy! but hey, if you're going to be sad, you might as well look super cute and he did!