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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Night Before Halloween...

and all through the house...

I have searched and searched for Mrs. Broom! Don't call me crazy! It's a little book about a witch on Halloween night. It's cute....it's a rhyming book, short and sweet, and best of all, her eyes glow in the dark. I know what you are thinking. It's not scary. I swear. It really is fun to read and more importantly Brayden James loves it. The worst part....I CAN'T find it anywhere. The search continues. I am determined to find YOU MRS. BROOM! Drats!!! (as witches say). Where are YOU????? Oh, and yes, we have tons of other Halloween books to read...but, must I repeat myself? Brayden James loves Mrs. Broom. Okay, so now I am taking out my frustation on everyone (sorry)...I WILL find this book!

We have spent the evening doing the usual. You know, dinner, play, bath, and story time. Reading books is when we ran into our little problem as I mentioned before. To get Brayden's mind off Mrs. Broom, I used my oh so clever distracting skills and even my not too shabby dance moves. :-) I directed his attention to the huge, black, green, and very furry spider hanging over the kitchen table. I was using all kinds of describing words to tell him about it. (I did take a picture and then decided not to post it due to the dust you could see on our light fixture). I guess me including that...isn't any worse than posting the actual picture huh? Anyway, I did take a picture of the little ghost and "Halloween Stuffies." These are things Brayden CAN play with...and I just like having things like this on his level so he can see and touch them when he wants.

One cute pumpkin

Daddy's Boy
"Halloween Touchables"
Happy Halloween Family and Friends!!!!

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