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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Teaming up...

against drugs! This week is Red Ribbon Week. I encourage anyone and everyone to support education regarding substance abuse. Yes, many children are young and may not understand the concept completely but, many are not too young to understand that taking "medicines" incorrectly WILL harm your body and possibly cause death.

We have a had a week of fun at school supporting Red Ribbon Week.
Monday: put a cap on drugs...we wore hats.
Tuesday: no drugs, no sweat...we wore sweat suits.
Wednesday: teaming up against drugs...we wore team shirts or jerseys.
Thursday (today): give drugs the slip...we get to wear slippers.
Friday: RED...in support of Red Ribbon Week.

My little student, Hayden (mom gave me written permission to post this little cutie) and I posed for a picture yesterday. I am actually wearing HIS hockey jersey. He and his family are so kind to offer it so I would have something to wear. THANK YOU to the Stricker Family! I love y'all. Hayden's Grandma comes to school every Tuesday and Thursday for a couple of hours just to help me out. She is amazing! I enjoy this little boy and am thankful to have the support of his wonderful family! I am thankful to all the parents who help...I have a lot!

Remember: Say NO to DRUGS!!!!
To learn more about Red Ribbon Week visit: http://www.imdrugfree.com/

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