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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brayden's Halloween Bash!

Brayden James had such a SPOOK-tacular Halloween Bash! We enjoyed it indeed. This little canvas to the right is one I painted (in just the nick of time...I finished it up an hour before the party) it is something I thought of several weeks ago. I'm sure you can tell the little floating ghosts are Brayden's feet. Sweet huh? Although I was stressed for more time yesterday, I sure did like making things and getting things together for Brayden's frightful festivities. I started a few weeks ago. I made a whimisical ghost scene for the dining room. I spray painted ghrouds and fall leaves and just created a little scene. I also made simple things like Halloween signs for the food and bought some cutesy decor to decorate the mantel and the rest of the house. I like doing things for my kids and other children. Maybe that's why I am a kindergarten teacher...Hmmm something to ponder. All the running around before the party picking up some last minute things was not as fun. But, hey...anything for my little guy. The grand time at the party was well worth the not so fun time right before. The kids made their own personalized pumpkin and played, played, and played. They ate a little too! How fun to see little ones interact, share, and express themselves. I LOVE watching them!

I am happy to say my mom was able to attend as well as Scott's mom. Even Aunt Pia was there to join the fun. What a Happy Halloween Time!!

These are the pumpkins for Brayden's Friends

Picking his very own

My whimsical ghost scene.
It's a lot cuter when the candles are lit
and I think next year I will add a
couple of taller ones in the back.

The Treat Bags
They had a little Halloween
picture frame inside

His letter/invitation to his friends
The witches brew consisted
of all genres of beverages
water, apple juice, Coke Zero, and beer
AND everything in between!
It was a big tub with choices in ice

All the Goblin Goodies

Sarah and Little Devil

Little Devil's Daddy, Lloyd

Catherine and Makayla

My little monkey of a nephew

Nealy and Avery...smile

Mrs. Ragsdale (Nealy's 5th grade teacher)
AND our friend!

Sweet Ragsdale Family

My Best Friend Mandy in the middle
and her little sister Megan (my friend too) & (Ella's Mommy)

Beautiful Brody
Our friend, Regina (Brody's mommy)

Decorating his very own pumpkin!
By this time Brayden was getting a little tired
so we just put him in a pair of PJ's to continue
with the festivities.

Yolonda and Aiden
pumpkin and stickys galore

More decorating fun...

Pebbles and Trick-or-Treato-Saurus
ROAR!!!!...not quite..but super adorable!

This was not the last picture of the evening
but, it's a good representation of
when Brayden was done...he was DONE!
He thanks all his friends and missed a few!
Hope to see ALL next year.
MY Ever so Sweet Trick-or-Treato-Saurus!

In order from left to right:
Ella, Big Sis Nealy, Avery, Brody, Makayla, Tristan, Aarron, & Aiden
We love you little ones!


Amanda said...

oh my gosh!!! you are a serious party planner! you should go into business!

I'm so sorry we weren't able to make it. I just sent you an email about that too.

I know you guys had so much fun!!

Priscilla Andrade said...

the pics are too adorable!!!

Priscilla Andrade said...

the pics are too adorable!!!

Jaclyn said...

I miss you:(