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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

silly girls....park needed!

Nealy and I spend a lot of time together and when I say, "a lot," I mean A LOT! Every Wednesday Nealy has cheer. I really enjoy watching her tumble, jump and train. BUT, I really like our silly times in the car prior to. Our Wednesday ritual is as follows:

~Leave School
~Talk and sing to our favorite tunes while sitting in traffic
~Make a mad dash through the Taco Bueno Drive Thru
~Park outside cheer, talk, eat and last but, not least...take CRAZY pictures of ourselves with my phone (just this last time)

We have so much fun together! We are best of friends. These times really out weigh the sassy attitude and not so nice words that she sends my way at times. She is very independent and likes things her way...she's learning... and I LOVE her unique personality. She is definitely a leader! I love you, Miss Nealy.

This weekend we had to leave Scott's game and go to the park for a while. Brayden wanted nothing to do with sitting still. I don't blame him. He just needed a little break. Sweet little guy wanted to get rid of some bottled up energy. We only stayed about 30 minutes. That was enough time for him and Nealy to soak up some weekend rays and play a bit. I didn't have my camera on hand. My phone is always within reach!!! Yes! Oh and BTW: Xpress Won! Way to go Honey! The little that we watched...they were good.

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Priscilla Andrade said...

you know i can never get enough of those two!