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Monday, November 3, 2008

Goodbye to my boys :-(

Nealy and I are just a few hours away from getting on a yellow school bus and heading to camp for two nights and three days. She is SO excited and I am well....I'm excited too...but, it's not like we are going to the Elizabeth Arden Spa or anything. Don't get me wrong I am pumped about being outdoors and even more so about spending time with my mini me! We are anxious to see what awaits.

Aah, how I am going to miss my boys. Perhaps they will enjoy "guy time" and welcome the little break from the girls? I just know I will be a little sad each evening when I don't see them. My heart weeps. I will be fine and I know they certainly will. Mr. B is going to have fun with his silly daddy. I can only imagine what will be waiting for me when we get home. ;-)

Dear Honey,

I will miss you and Brayden dearly. Please give him TONS of hugs for me . Talk to him and tell him how much I love him. Hugs and kisses for you both. Nealy sends hugs and kisses TOO!

Love your girls,
Yomaida and Nealy

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