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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Adventure Camp

Nealy and I had a blast at Adventure Camp. It was rejuvenating, refreshing, and just a little getaway from the norm. I was a little worried about all the hiking, walking and spending the majority of the time in the wilderness. (Many teased me about going and wondered if I was going to "survive"). Ha! I showed them! I did not skip a beat! I wasn't even tired. Don't get me wrong, I was ready to come home and sleep in my ever so comfy bed and take a REAL hot shower but, I LOVED spending time with Nealy. I learned so much about her. Yeah, she has areas of growth in some life skills but, I was so pleasantly surprised to learn she has many GREAT life skills in place already. She is definitely a trooper and can be an awesome team player. She is not only a smart little girl, she has a lot of leadership qualities as well. I am so proud of her!

The other girls were very sweet. One was Nealy's very best friend, Taylor. These girls kept me laughing the entire time. I am sure they thought I was a "cool" mom! I blow dried their hair and gave camp attire fashion advice. They even gave me some 5th grade scoop...and I didn't even ask for it! Exciting times at camp I must say.

As a parent chaperone, I really lucked out. I only had four girls opposed to six in my group AND we didn't have to share the cabin with another group. Yessss!!!! It was great! I was paired with two of the nicest dads. They were very helpful and looked after our little group of girls...and me,...the mom. :-)

Nealy and I both had so much fun learning with all the hands-on activities we participated in. We had an amazing counselor/teacher named, Will. He was very knowledgeable and nice. I loved to see the 'big kids' interact and socialize with each other. It was a nice change from my kindergarten kids. Many of the kids said Nealy and I looked exactly alike...Nealy would smile. My heart beamed. I LOVE my mini me!!!!

camp grounds and fall foliage...my favorite

This is truly the ONLY picture that I
am in. I was busy behind the camera. I am happy to have
one of my girly and me!

My girls...my group of four.

Looking out from the front of our cabinI ran up ahead to get this one.

Yes, I was in the canoe too.
I wasn't at all scared. :0

The boys

Studying away during our hiking adventure
First night at dinner. We could eat all we wanted
and the food wasn't too shabby. Yum!

Mr. Will said she was a natural!

Mrs. Ragsdale and Nealy
Mrs. Ragsdale 'rocked the house' (okay pavilion)
with her rap routine and fun
"repeat after me songs."

Of course I snapped one of Nealy and her special friend, Jake.
He was actually in the boys group that was paired with us.
I am sure Nealy was happy about that.
He is one SMART fella and super sweet!
This picture was taken on the way home.

I am SO happy I experienced this with Nealy. We had fun and we bonded. I learned I am more like her than I realized. I saw a new found repsect in her eyes for me. It sounds silly but, I think she may see me in a different light now that I have "roughed it and toughed it."
It is definitely a time that will never be forgotten by the both
of us.


Amanda said...

that is SO awesome!! I love that y'all do such cool things! I have never even heard of adventure camp so thanks for sharing!!

Rebeccalynn_dj said...
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Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Yay I found you. You can click on my name to see my blog. I love the way you have this set up! Great photos!

Priscilla Andrade said...

it looks like ya'll had so much fun! the pics are great!