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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Balloon Time!

This year we experienced the Plano Balloon Festival on the first night, which was last night! The temperature was fine and the scene beautiful. I never get tired of seeing the bright colors and amazing shapes of the hot air balloons year after year. I have been going to the balloon festival since junior high. I really enjoy it! I especially enjoy taking the kids and watching their their faces light up when they see the balloons and sight. It's such a sense of wonder. This year Scott was able to go and I was SO happy. We were able share this night as a family. Not only did I have my guy with me, Nealy had hers!!!! It was the cutest thing EVER! Okay, I know I say that phrase a lot, but truly it was pretty darn cute! Nealy's friend Jake is one cool kid. Not only is he cool, he is athletic and WAY smart! Above all he is very kind and well mannered. Way go Nealy! Seriously, Jake and Nealy have been great friends since 1st grade. We are happy he was able to come with us last night and enjoy the festivities.

Aren't they cute?

Mommy's other main man

I love this one

Sweet Little Airplane!

So, the way cool thing about last night was that we ran into some old friends, Lance and Candy (not sure if it's with an 'i' or 'y'). Anyway, it was SO great to see them. It's been years. These two are really old friends with Scott...but, so happy to call them my old friends TOO! Lance and Scott attended the same high school and tore up the town together in college! Lance and Candy have the cutest little carrot top, Cannon. He was so friendly and inquisitive. It was so nice to catch up. This cute Lemberg Family has a precious family blog (I've added it to mine...so check it out).

It was great to see you three! Keep in touch. :-)

Good ole' Buddies

Cannon Man...so cute
Caught! The real reason I love the
Balloon Festival!;-) Yes, I had a funnel cake too!

So, we got there during the day and YOU KNOW we stayed until dark! The best part is 'the glow.' It really is pretty and I just love the sound of the fire blowing. It's so relaxing. Take a look at this sassy winking sun flower. I think this balloon was my favorite. She might have been there last year, but I don't remember her. I think I would have remembered something so clever.


My other friend, Nashiely met us out there a little later. She brought her two, Micah and Rachel. Nashiely works in kindergarten with me and the fun part, is that her daughter Rachel is in my class. Rachel was just a little more than excited to see her kindergarten teacher outside of school. She kept telling me that she was so happy to be there with me. You'd have to actually hear her talking to understand how articulate and well spoken she is. It's amazing. Well, I was SO happy to be there with her too! She is one SMART little girl. I see her being the head of some large corporation one day. She definitely has the skills! Tons of hugs for you Rachel!!! AND you too, Micah! Happy we were able to experience the fun together. It was a grand time.

I felt so guilty eating so much...well,
not really but, I went ahead and snapped
one of my friend with her funnel cake!! hee-hee

The kiddos!

The big kiddos

Yeah, maybe a sparkler will
be tasty.
Thank you Nashiely for
buying one for the little guy too!
So kind

Awe! My honey...just got a
belly flop seeing this picture.

My two FAVORITE boys!


Catherine said...

We were there too!! Too bad we didn't see each other!!

Nashiely said...


I love your blog! Thank you for all your good thoughts. We had a great time too! The kids really love you. Rachel just talks about Mrs. England and I think is going to be her only subject for a long time ;) Your family is very beautiful and your kids, oh well you just have to look at them, they are lovely! Once again thanks for everything you do!