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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Justa Fabulous Fall Feeling

Call me crazy...but, most of you know that I embrace the fall season and all that it has to offer. It encompasses so many wonderful things that it makes me have a Fabulous Fall Feeling!!! I have great memories of past fall seasons. Fall is my favorite season!!!! "Uh really?" you are thinking! Most of you already know...but, just had to say it again!

Things I am SO looking forward to this fall!!!!

1. Brayden James' VERY OWN and first annual HALLOWEEN BASH! It's sure to be SPOOK-tacular!

2. seeing the leaves change colors...I will photograph this year.

3. taking Nealy to her very FIRST haunted house...friends will be coming along!

4. shopping for fun fall fashions

5. carving pumpkins and decorating the house. We like to go all out. Even lights outside. :-)


7. hot chocolate with marshmallows in the evening

8. fun fall activities with my kiddos at school

9. snuggling on the couch...oh wait we do this year around, but okay it's better in fall!

10. GIVING THANKS! Being with family and friends on Turkey Day!!!!!

11. Celebrating Scott's Birthday! I still remember the very first birthday we celebrated together. I put all his gifts in GIANT pumpkin basket. I had a Build a Bear made for him with pumpkin booties on! It didn't take him long to learn what season was my fave...and to know I was a little weird. :-)


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